In case of an error order item moves to Error status. Order item has 'orderItemStatusText' which contains user friendly error text and 'errorCode' that can help developer react to error properly.

Error code consist of 6 digits and built by next schema:

Digits Description
x----- Error type
1 - Error during execution
2 - Validation error
3 - Validation warning
4 - Validation info
-xx--- Partner code
11 - Shared
12 - SBB
13 - Nova
14 - Shopify
15 - Tomas
16 - E-Liberty
---x-- Service type
3-internal shared service
4-partner service
5 - updater
6 - order state machine
7 - canceler
----xx Error identifier.A unique number of an error. These two digits are not globally unique and the foregoing numbers must be considered too.

A description and a message of a validation error can be found in the API response in the validation message

Last update: November 8, 2023 20:22:25