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How to work with the infocenter update


All endpoints to update data in the infocenter update api are accessible by the partner.

The idea of provided endpoints is creating/modifying/deleting entities in the infocenter. It is not possible to get any data from the infocenter-update endpoints, and there you will get only responses with success results of your actions or responses with validation errors.


Data Models

  • Creative work request model
    Model with properties of creativeWorks available for update in the infocenter.

  • Tour request model
    Model with properties of tours available for update in the infocenter.


We offer endpoints for making changes in entities available over the Infocenter endpoint.

Sample endpoints:

  • [POST,PUT] /creativeWorks/{project}
  • [DELETE] /creativeWorks/{project}/{sourceId}


Since you don't get any data in the response, there is no provided localization.


It is always necessary to send the full object with all properties (no PATCH). To add values in a different language you need to add the translated values for all other languages as well. Languages you do not send we do translate automatically.

Next steps

Last update: February 1, 2024 17:37:15