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Name Type Description
caption string Multilingual
contentSize string
contentUrl string
embedUrl string
height string
width string
contentReferenceTime date-time
copyrightYear integer
encodingFormat string
isAccessibleForFree boolean
thumbnailUrl string
inLanguage string
category CategorySimplex[]
containedInPlace PlaceSimplex[]
tag TagSimplex[]
campaignTag TagSimplex[]
profileTag TagSimplex[] Published profile tags in database
robots string Based on the same values that used in the Robots Meta Tag as defined by Google
@id string json-ld: full url to load the object (based on identifier)
identifier string
removed boolean
dataGovernance DataGovernance
additionalProperty PropertyValue[]
attachment MediaObjectSimplex[] Attachments to the event delivering more information
lastModified date-time
availableDataLanguage string[]
autoTranslatedData boolean Indicates if the data in the current language was automatically translated
license string
alternateName string
description string Multilingual. It is automatically translated if the description is not provided in all languages. Translated text is trimmed to 9000 symbols. Can contain HTML
disambiguatingDescription string Multilingual. Can contain HTML
image ImageObjectSimplex
sameAs string
url string URL of the item
additionalType string Name of the 'real', more descriptive class which has no additional properties. Examples are,,
link Link[] Web-links and general links between things
potentialAction Action[]
name string Multilingual. Can contain HTML
type string

Last update: September 10, 2023 16:28:27