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Detailed definitions of the endpoints for each API are available on the developer portal of our API Management including sample code and Open API definition download.


B2b Marketplace service is responsible for placing and paying orders for partners.

The Checkout process is defined and implemented by the order-state machine defined on Order item statuses. This is a step-by-step on how to implement the client-side.

The steps are summarized as the following:

  1. Create profile
  2. Create order
  3. Fill the order with OrderItems
  4. Payment
  5. Fulfillment
  6. Delivery
  7. Get tickets


default: de-CH

DateTime formatting: "2019-08-09T13:59:57.097+02:00"

  • Use Accept-Timezone header to specify the requested timezone.
  • Provide a TimeZone id acquired from Infocenter /timezones route (Windows time zones) or use a IANA time-zome code in order to get data with desired time offset.
  • The default timezone is UTC
  • Number formatting: CH

B2B Marketplace data is not translated, it is stored in the current language of the request (Accept-Language header).

This current language is stored in the order and is used to generate E-Mails and tickets.