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Release 23.7.2020


Environment Installation date
Test 23.07.2020 approx. 17:30
Prod 24.07.2020 approx. 17:30
Search on Test (Beta) 24.07.2020 approx. 17:30
Search on Prod sometime in the future

Infocenter service

  • property lastModified added to all objects


  • retrieve all root categories: new parameter rootObjectsOnly)
  • retrieve the tree below a category: new endpoint /categories/{identifier}/tree
  • Check this out on the category-tree page of our sample app

We created a first Beta version of the Search. It contains all data which inherits from Place and supports a full text search, filters and facets for some properties.
A description how to use it can be found in How to work with the Search service and linked pages.

A demo is available on the search page of our sample app

Power BI

Improvments on the order Bower BI:

  • Orders can be split by the application (App & Web)
  • Amount if ticket per order


ID Title State Area Path
2876 Add inLanguage property to CreativeWork and use it for Attachements and pictures from guidle Done\Infocenter
2980 Add lastModified property to all Vertex/objects delivered over an endpoint Done\Infocenter
3028 Delivery categories as a tree Done\Infocenter
2944 Azure Search for places Done\Infocenter\Search
2945 Create an endpoint in the infocenter API to expose the search Done\Infocenter\Search
2978 Create Search page in the Sample App Done\Infocenter\Search
2986 Translate search facet values Done\Infocenter\Search
3006 Filter the search result by properties of rating and elevation Done\Infocenter\Search
2840 Rename Product names to nice names after ZH has changed their App integration Done\Marketplace
3044 Update Order Power BI: add ticket count and split by client app Done\Partner portal
3032 Extend the BusinessTrail with the property "event" Done\Profile
3067 Add origin to the Terms response Done\Profile
2987 Save consent for new Azure B2C account in 1 request Done\Profile\My Data


ID Title State Area Path
3041 Invalid updatedSince parameter values return server 500 instead of 400-bad request Done\Infocenter
3062 E-Mail validation on Person and order is not the same Done\Marketplace
3061 A person PATCH should work without mandatory person-properties as well Done\Profile