Known bugs

ID Title State Area Path
9668 Rename the Traveler.ProfilePicture property to ProfileImage to use the same name as we do in Person Testing
9416 Allow to get current partner without profile authorization Testing\Marketplace
9592 Handle shopify inventory count on order process Testing\Marketplace
9532 Accept terms was not called during sign in to other customers apps Testing\My portal
9866 Region "Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair (ds_ssvm)" wird nicht zugewiesen Testing\Partner
8638 Unable to remove ds_iam Role from User Testing\Partner\Portal
9329 Error when opening a product Testing\Partner\Portal
9440 Products in marketplace section are different from Infocenter Testing\Partner\Portal
9541 Partner Portal: Tickets in the cancel step do not show the travelers name Testing\Partner\Portal
9848 An error occurred on some orders detailed view Testing\Partner\Portal
7062 tags are not deleted correctly Testing\Planet
6851 Double source origin with empty source in person Testing\Profile
9294 B2C Account is not always deleted after profile deletion Testing\Profile
8232 Potential inconsistent order state Committed\Web Components\Checkout component
9136 Offer Terms are not displayed in the checkout component and mail Testing\Web Components\Checkout component
9375 Checkout Comp: TOM: Ordering of 2 variants at a time does not work anymore Testing\Web Components\Checkout component
9472 Country can't be selected Testing\Web Components\Checkout component
9473 Loading Spinner custom color Testing\Web Components\Checkout component