Known bugs

ID Title State Area Path
6835 Partner can not unpublish webcam Testing\Infocenter
7293 Stripe error: Amount is too small to process (at least 0.50) In Review\Marketplace
7786 FulfillmentError on some orderedItems Testing\Marketplace
7973 MarketplaceUrl in config instead of orderUrl Committed\Marketplace\Checkout component
8001 We should not be able to click on the “to Checkout” of orderItem validation message Testing\Marketplace\Checkout component
8002 Bad request without validation message will not be shown correctly Testing\Marketplace\Checkout component
7725 400 error during creating order item Testing\Marketplace\Checkout component
7948 False positive triggering order clearing for empty order Testing\Marketplace\Checkout component
7931 Failed to merge two vertexes Testing\Partner portal
7416 Unable to delete Review (NullReferenceException) in AuditTrail writing Testing\Planet
6413 ProfileService API returns 500 on invalid date-time format Testing\Profile

Last update: February 18, 2021 19:36:04