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Name Type Description
accommodationCategory string Official room category HotellerieSuisse for more information check AccommodataHub documentation
floorLevel string The floor level for the accommodation in a multi-storey building.
permittedUsage string Indications regarding the permitted usage of the accommodation.
bed BedDetails[] The type of bed or beds for more information check AccommodataHub documentation
floorSize QuantitativeValue
numberOfBedrooms QuantitativeValue[] The number of bedrooms.
numberOfRooms QuantitativeValue[] The number of rooms.
numberOfBathrooms QuantitativeValue[] The number of bathrooms.
occupancy LocationFeatureSpecification[] The allowed total occupancy for the accommodation in persons.
leaseLength LocationFeatureSpecification[] Length of the lease. Includes the minimal length of stay in a certain period of time
amenityFeature LocationFeatureSpecification[] List of Amenity features for more information check AccommodataHub documentation")
petsAllowed boolean Indicates whether pets are allowed to enter the accommodation.
yearBuilt integer The year an Accommodation was constructed.
containedInLodgingBusiness LodgingBusinessMember
availableLanguage string[] List of languages someone may use with or at the item, service or place. Format: ISO 639-1.
branchCode string Official room code STC. For more information check AccommodataHub documentation
slogan string
address FullAddress
faxNumber string
geo GeoCoordinates
hasMap string
isAccessibleForFree boolean
maximumAttendeeCapacity integer
openingHoursSpecification OpeningHoursSpecification[]
logo ImageObjectSimplex
photo ImageObjectSimplex[]
publicAccess boolean
smokingAllowed boolean
specialOpeningHoursSpecification OpeningHoursSpecification[]
telephone string
touristType string
geoShape GeoShape
located string[] Extension CMS ZH [ 'Indoors', 'Outdoors' ]
copyrightNotice string Text of a notice appropriate for describing the copyright aspects of this object
copyright string Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual
detailedInformation string[] Extension CMS ZH [ 'Centrally located', 'Good for breakfast', 'Industrial flair' ]. Multilingual Can contain HTML
titleTeaser string Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual
textTeaser string Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual. Can contain HTML
publicTransport string Describes how public transport may be used to get to the starting point or get back home from the tour's destination. Multilingual. Can contain HTML
gettingThere string How to get to the starting point, especially by car. Multilingual. Can contain HTML
parking string Information about parking at the starting point. Multilingual. Can contain HTML
directions string Describes important signs, crossings and other information to find your way. Multilingual. Can contain HTML
fees string Fees and Pricing. Multilingual. Can contain HTML
zurichcard boolean Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual. Can contain HTML
zurichcardDescription string Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual
osm_id string Openstreetmap node id.
aggregateRating AggregateRating
openingHours string Multilingual. Can contain HTML
category CategorySimplex[]
containedInPlace PlaceSimplex[] Used for creating a region-tree and the relation of a place to a region (AdministrativeArea)
tag TagSimplex[]
campaignTag TagSimplex[]
profileTag TagSimplex[]
audio AudioObjectSimplex[]
video VideoObjectSimplex[]
review ReviewSimplex[]
robots string Based on the same values that used in the Robots Meta Tag as defined by Google
accessibility Accessibility[]
award AwardDefinition[] Official labels or awards of the local business. For example HotellerieSuisse specializations. For more information check AccommodataHub documentation
@id string json-ld: full url to load the object (based on identifier)
identifier string
removed boolean
dataGovernance DataGovernance
additionalProperty PropertyValue[]
attachment MediaObjectSimplex[] Attachments to the event delivering more information
lastModified date-time
availableDataLanguage string[] List of languages in which data of the object is available. Format: ISO 639-1.
autoTranslatedData boolean Indicates if one of the text properties was translated by machine.
license string
typeName string Translated name of type.
alternateName string
description string Multilingual. It is automatically translated if the description is not provided in all languages. Translated text is trimmed to 9000 symbols. Can contain HTML
disambiguatingDescription string Multilingual. Can contain HTML
image ImageObjectSimplex
sameAs string
url string URL of the item
additionalType string Name of the 'real', more descriptive class which has no additional properties. Examples are,,
link Link[] Web-links and general links between things
potentialAction Action[]
name string Multilingual. Can contain HTML
type string