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Release 20.08.2020


Environment Installation date
Test 20.08.2020 approx. 17:30
Prod 01.10.2020 -> update infocenter-data v.2

Infocenter service

  • query regions as a tree see docs
  • outdooractive data from the GRF PROD project

Profile service


ID Title State Area Path
2899 Query only the active ID's on all infocenter endpoints - choose properties with the select parameter Done\Infocenter
2968 Remove data from infocenter which is not in the connectors full download anymore Done\Infocenter
2985 Webcams Search Done\Infocenter
3068 Delivery areas (regions) as a tree Done\Infocenter
3128 Add project property to all data in the infocenter Done\Infocenter
3200 Configure outdooractive GRF functions with production project Done\Infocenter\Connectors
3108 Handle range facets in search Done\Infocenter\Search
3115 Implement/show hierarchical facet search with categories Done\Infocenter\Search


ID Title State Area Path
3162 Projects property contain list with null object Done\Infocenter
3168 Bad request on search from Sample app by seasons Done\Infocenter
3169 Timezone header is not respected on post/patch/put Done\Marketplace
3173 ZHT MediaObjects don't have Datasource property Done\Infocenter
3203 Wrong date format in query returns 500 Done\Infocenter