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The following describes the constraints of source data providers per data feed. These requirements must be met when published in the Destination App's or provided by the platform APIs. These requirements are part of the contract


When handling Outdoor Active data, the following guideline must be observed:

As soon as initial content is published, Outdoor Active is happy to support direct feedback on the implementation. Contact via

Reference example Outdoor Active also mentions the implementation of Flims / Laax as a reference example:

outdooractive reference example outdooractive author example

<a href="//www.outdooractive. style="margin-right:20px"
 title="Diese Webseite nutzt Technologie und Inhalte der Outdooractive Plattform.">
 <img src="//" alt="outdooractive" />
 Diese Webseite nutzt Technologie und Inhalte der Outdooractive Plattform.


Guidle generally calls for the name of "Guidle" with the reference to This does not have to appear in the individual display. Regarding form, Guidle does not set any specifications. For the optional display, Guidle provides the logo:

guidle logo

<a href="//"
   title="Diese Webseite nutzt Inhalte der Guidle Plattform.">
 <img src="<Guidle Image>" alt="Guidle" />
 Diese Webseite nutzt Inhalte der Guidle Plattform.


There are no requirements regarding the publication of the TOMAS data. In principle, the data belongs to the client (for example "Tourism Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair AG" or "TESSVM AG").

For consistency with source references from other data sources, mentions the tenant that must be displayed by the destinations as the source hint for TOMAS data.

<a href=""
   title="Diese Webseite nutzt Inhalte von Engadin Scuol-Zernez.">
 <img src="<Engadin Scuol-Zernez Image>" alt="Engadin Scuol-Zernez" />
 Diese Webseite nutzt Inhalte von Engadin Scuol-Zernez.

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