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Release 18.09.2020


Environment Installation date
Test 18.09.2020
Prod 01.10.2020 -> update infocenter-data v.2

Infocenter service

All changes are available in the new Infocenter v2 Test endpoint because the release contains breaking changes. The test v1 endpoint have the same application version as the production endpoint.

  • All identities are now lowercase.
  • All id's from Outdooractive has changed because the objects are not linked to specific projects as it was implemented initially. They are now generic e.g. oua_{id}.
  • Property Geo is mapped for Tours.
  • Categories have a new property NamePlural which contains the pluralized named. This singularization and pluralization is done automatically.
  • The project and containedInPlace filter option was added to all item (@id) endpoints.
  • The search endpoint allows to filter the fields which should be returned as well as on which field should be searched to optimize the performance and the result. For this the Query options SearchFields and SelectFields was added to the search endpoint.
  • All events from Guidle form all over Switzerland are now available.
  • Search endpoint respects the accept-language header and returns the search result in the corresponding language

sample app

  • improved search (beta)

Profile service


ID Title State Area Path
3036 Deliver Guidle events from all over Switzerland Done\Infocenter
3122 Add additionalType to Tags and create a public endpoint Done\Infocenter
3249 Add filter criteria to item endpoints Done\Infocenter
3279 Map property Geo for Tours Done\Infocenter
3079 Advanced search calls with searchFields and select Done\Infocenter\Search
2962 Add multilanguage support to Search Index Done\Infocenter\Search


ID Title State Type

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