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Title Description Iteration Path State
Trekksoft / Experience Bank (inkl ski school)\Sprint 51 In Progress
Send customized E-Mails by (sendgrid)\Sprint 43 In Progress
Send flexibly customized Mails in the name of a partner (ordermail by SendGrid)
As discover,swiss we want to be able to send order confirmation mails to the guest which include information about the complete order so that we can flexibly add new products and the b2bc partners can order them without the need to care about the confirmation mail.\Sprint 43 In Progress
Autofill data in Azure B2C flows when called from a client
As a guest I want that all already known data about me is prefilled in the Registration Form of Azure B2C so all I need to do is choose an identity provider and in case of Azure B2C verify the mail address and add a password.\Sprint 39 Testing
Collapse (and uncollapse!) vertexes manually in the "find duplicates list" of the Partner portal
As a partner or I want to be able to collapse different vertexes in the planet to one so I can eliminate duplicates I found manually.\Sprint 43 In Progress
Add product to the infocenter api search
as a solution provider i want to be able to acces products like any other type over the search as well.\Sprint 41 Resolved
Bring partner portal full text search to a user friendly behavior\Sprint 42 Done
Add and support video property to place, product and event
experience bank delivers video and ou ssometimes\Sprint 44 New
Harmonize Description properties in all connecters -> support HTML
As a solution provider I want all data have the same format in the a text property so I can display it correctly.

-> We must clearly define which text properties do contain HTML or text data and transform the content in the connectors when needed.

Definition: Text properties which can contain HTML:
  • description
  • disambiguatingDescription
  • caption
  • priceInformation
  • ticketingContact
  • openingHours
  • detailedInformation
  • textTeaser
  • zurichcardDescription
  • publicTransport
  • gettingThere
  • parking
  • directions
  • fees
  • startingPointDescription
  • safetyGuidelines
  • equipment
  • tip
  • additionalInformation
  • destination
  • trackSignage
  • literature
  • maps
  • riskDescription
  • weatherDescription
  • destination\Sprint 43 Refinement

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