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Title Description Iteration Path State
Infocenter version 2
We want to do changes in the data structure which can be breaking for the existing clients.

For this we must create the infocenter version 2\Sprint 30 In Progress
Add "reduction" property to the traveler and use it in the book SBB service
To get offers and tickets the reduction {bc100, bc25, bc50, ga-1st, ga-2nd, half-fare, junior-card, child-card, none, rail-plus, swiss-half-fare-card, swiss-travel-pass} is needed.

So far it doesn't matter because there is no reduction on the zurichCard\Sprint 36 Resolved
Autofill data in Azure B2C flows when called from a client
As a guest I want that all already known data about me is prefilled in the Registration Form of Azure B2C so all I need to do is choose an identity provider and in case of Azure B2C verify the mail address and add a password.\Sprint 38 In Progress
Extend B2C profile with the correspondence mail
In Azure B2C signup we always ask the user abut the correspondence E-Mail and validate it by a code E-Mail

  • difference between
    • login mail
    • e-mail used for correspondence
-> both sync with D365\Sprint 37 In Progress
Extend static map image MediaService with styles
Add the basic functionality to the media service.

Next we need to add styles to make it look like the map component\Sprint 39 Committed

Last update: February 18, 2021 19:36:04