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Title Description Iteration Path State
Find & score duplicates\Sprint 36 In Progress
Manage and book products (merchandising) -> Shopify
  • use an open source shopping solution as a backend
  • Edit products in partner portal
  • fulfillment by mail to supplier
  • supplier can see ordered products in partner portal\Sprint 40 In Progress
Send customized E-Mails by (sendgrid)\Sprint 43 In Progress
User roles in Azure B2C\Sprint 44 In Progress
ST net Skihill, Snow reports and conditions\Sprint 45 In Progress
Make the MyData portal more flexible
We need to be able to show data stored in Cosmos DB without transferring into the common data service.

-> replace the D365 portal?
-> extend it with plug ins?
-> load external data with liquid?\Sprint 45 In Progress
Checkout webcomponent version 0.8 (for client DEV)
Web component available for implementing in the client application\Sprint 46 In Progress
Order administration (view)\Sprint 46 In Progress
User role management in partner portal\Sprint 46 In Progress
Nova direct booking\Sprint 47 In Progress
Getting 4tix guest card\Sprint 47 Approved
Checkout webcomponent version 1
A basic checkout component which enables partner to easy use our marketplace service.
It supports
  • ZH card
  • shopify products
  • checkout process
  • payment\Sprint 47 In Progress
Order PDF including detailed tax information\Sprint 48 Approved
Contentdesk TSO\Sprint 48 In Progress
Improved Demo App\Sprint 48 In Progress
Book skiing tickets with e-liberty\Sprint 49 In Progress
Tomas activities: Deliver & book\Sprint 49 In Progress
Trekksoft / Experience Bank (inkl ski school)\Sprint 56 In Progress

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