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Contentdesk and CONTENTDESK.IO maintain a close relationship and work together and constantly improve and extend the data exchange and way to work with the tools.

On this page we list all Backlog Items which are relevant to Contentdesk and our partners using CONTENTDESK.IO.

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We do work in 3 week iterations and name the sprints by their numbers.
Sprint 49: 22.11.2021 - 10.12.2021
Sprint 50: 13.12.2021 - 23.12.2021
Sprint 51: 24.12.2021 - 07.01.2022
Sprint 52: 10.01.2022 - 28.01.2022
Sprint 53: 31.01.2022 - 18.02.2022

Title Iteration Path
SJH content is available in Infocenter -31. Januar 2022\Sprint 52
Update standard contentdesk connector for SJH: Hostel family\Sprint 52


Title State Work Item Type Iteration Path
Contentdesk for GRF - 09.2021 Done Product Backlog Item\Sprint 46
Extend partner configuration to support contentdesk connector Done Product Backlog Item\Sprint 48
Add Offers to infocenter Done Product Backlog Item\Sprint 48
Infocenter connector for standard (TSO): Place, Trip, Event Done Product Backlog Item\Sprint 48
Missing categories for CTD offer "Family offer with Foxtrail Davos" Done Bug\Sprint 49
Offer validThrough date is missing in Done Bug\Sprint 49
Exception in ChangeFeed: Missing mapping in CTD offer import Done Bug\Sprint 49
Search offers by date does not find all offers with a price with no or only one date Done Bug\Sprint 49
Not updated schedule configuration for contentdesk connector Resolved Bug\Sprint 49
The filter in the product list in the partner portal is not working Resolved Bug\Sprint 50
Offers: use the author relationship as Source instead of Author Resolved Product Backlog Item\Sprint 50
add InLanguage property to ctd link Done Product Backlog Item\Sprint 50
Remove outdated products (offers) automatically from the infocenter Resolved Product Backlog Item\Sprint 52

Last update: November 25, 2021 11:10:38