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Release 9.7.2020


Environment Installation date
Test 10.07.2020 approx. 17:30
Prod 16.07.2020 approx. 18:00

Infocenter service

extensions related to outdooractive
We deliver a new object called "conditions". It represents the conditions and locks you can add in outdooractive.

  • Conditions reference
  • endpoints /conditions /conditions/{identity}


To support rapid changes we pull changes from outdooractive daily.

Furthermore we deliver the original id from outdooractive within the additional-property property in all objects delivered by outdooractive. This makes it possible to integrate the webcomponents of outdooractive for detail views (flexview).

Profile service

store cookie consent
We created an endpoint to easily store a cookie consent a user accepted in the profile service.
see How to store and access user consent


ID Title State Work Item Type
2913 Add incremental download function to Outdooractive sources Done Product Backlog Item
2959 Add Conditions to the infocenter Done Product Backlog Item
2967 Add original outdoor active id to Tour and POI object Done Product Backlog Item
2983 Save consent for new anonymous (guest) account in 1 request Done Product Backlog Item