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Release 27.08.2020


Environment Installation date
Test 27.08.2020 approx. 17:30
Prod 01.10.2020 -> update infocenter-data v.2

Infocenter service

  • OUA data from Graubünden in Infoventer
  • improved search with Facets (hierarchical)
  • possibility to query deleted objects

sample app

  • category tree
  • area tree
  • search (beta)

Profile service


ID Title State Area Path
3042 Change the behavior of "deleted object" for infocenter objects Done\Infocenter
3209 Add area tree and projects to sample app Done\Infocenter


ID Title State Area Path
3085 Performance problem when quering any infocenter endpoint by containedInPlace Done\Infocenter
3145 Error during mapping Offer -> Webcam (missing mapping of postal codes to regions) Done\Infocenter
3210 Search. Filtering by custom properties is not working as single value Done\Infocenter
3211 OuaGrf...Download function: Timeout value of 00:10:00 exceeded Done\Infocenter
3212 OpenApi definition on tree endpoints defines the wrong response type Done\Infocenter
3235 Exception in OUA download Done\Infocenter