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This glossary contains terms used in metadata. Moreover, it serves as a reference for the language used in the project. Developers, Marketing, and product owners should have the same understanding of the terms provided in this glossary.


Term Description
API Application Programming Interface. Enables different systems to interact with each other programmatically.
Endpoints Indicate how you access the resource
Methods Indicates the allowed interactions (such as GET, POST, or DELETE) with the resource
Request The way information is returned from an API. In a request, the client provides a resource URL with the proper authorization to an API server. The API returns a response with the information requested.
Request body A block of information, usually JSON, included in the request body, often used with CREATE and PUT methods.
JSON JavaScript Object Notation. A lightweight syntax containing objects and arrays, to return information from a REST API.
Authorization token give user permission as an Active Directory B2C and generated by Active Directory (Header → 'Authorization').
Profile token give user Guest permission. Generated by Profile service (Header → 'Token').
Subscription key gives secure access for consumer via API Management (Header → 'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key')
Query string parameters Parameters that appear in the query string of the endpoint, after the "?"


At the moment, provides REST API only.




  • Partner: Company or organisation interacting with
  • Development partner: helps developing the products,either with expertise or writing code
  • Solution provider: develops a client application for destination
  • Destination / Bezüger: Organziation which is the stakeholder of the client application. For example Scuol, Zürich Tourism or Schweizer Jugendherberge
  • Supplier / Leistungserbringer: is actually delivering to the service the enduser is consuming. f.ex. Restaurant, ski hill, hotel, etc.

Some of our partners

Term Description
GDL Guidle
ZHT Zurich Tourism
GIN Ginto
GRF Graubünden Ferien
NOVA NOVA / Räthische Bahn
NSP Swiss Parks Network
OUA Outdooractive
SJH Schweizer Jugendherbergen
ST Schweiz Tourismus


  • end-user is a synonym to user
  • Guest / Gast: the customer of the destination which is visiting Switzerland and (mainly) using the client application
  • Operation / Betrieb: people who work for or in the name of to ensure a sound state of the platform


  • Client App / Destination App: stands for all kinds of client applications using foundation API
  • portal: Web portal for guests and employees to control their own data and profile
  • Foundation API: API offered by to serve the destination's needs (the main product)
  • Partner portal: Web portal for all partners to access and control their transactions and their delivered content Partner Portal.
  • Connectors: Applications and components which communicate with the supplier interfaces
  • Azure portal: provided by Microsoft to control all our resources in Azure