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Order workflow

order workflow

Order statuses and changes

There are 2 ways of working with orders

  • Going step by step through the order process using specific endpoints, which will update the status of the order respectively.
  • Place/save the whole order and set the desired status. The status can not be set by the client directly "to specific status, i.e. Checkout". The API always goes through the whole process step by step and stops at the desired status or on validation problems. Setting the desired status is optional. The default desired status is "checkout".

The graph above shows the order workflow, you can observe the different order status. Furthermore, the needed entries to fulfill/ validate each stage (status) of the order and the response after entering each status.

status description order can be modifed
New shopping basket yes
Checkout shopping basket
Placed ready to continue with payment yes
Payment payment in progress (on client side) no OrderPaymentDue
Paid payment confirmed no
InTransit fulfillment in progress no OrderInTransit
Delivered items delivered no OrderPickupAvailable ?
Fulfilled order and payment completed no OrderDelivered
Canceled "storniert"
If the order was canceled. If the product allows it the order can be canceled in the partner portal.
no OrderCancelled
Expired order has never reached status paid and wasn't touched for a defined time. But customer could resubmit the order like it would be in status checkout yes
Error error occurred, but no money involved no OrderProblem
FulfillmentError serious problem and relevant for the business
The support-team needs to take care of it
Deleted the order gets removed from the database
so no orders in this status really exist.

Order item statuses

Order item statuses can not be set or requested by the client individually they are a result of the process in the order state machine

status description
New shopping basket
ValidationError indicates a validation error in the item
Checkout order-item was not placed (pre-bookings weren't requested)
Placed ready to continue with payment
InTransit fulfillment in progress
Delivered items delivered
Error error occurred, but no money involved. If order item in that status, it's necessary to remove that order item or update it
FulfillmentError serious problem and relevant for the business
The support-team needs to take care of it

Ticket verification states

Ticket do not really have a state but they have 2 related things:

  • isActive: yes/no → Ticket exists or is deleted/not valid/"torn apart"
  • ticketVerificationStatus
status description
(empty), null No check required (default)
AutomaticVerification Ticket will be processed by the automatic verification function
ToCheck To be checked
Trusted Trusted → see Annual and seasonal passes Arosa Lenzerheide#1.12---Automatically-set-the-state-„trusted“-(9238)
InProgress In progress
Confirmed Checked, confirmed
Rejected Rejected
Error in case of an error while processing
Canceled canceled tickets in the order download
Fulfilled if ticket is active and there is no TicketVerificationState (only in the search index in the partner portal)