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Types and additional Types

In general, they are used to describe an entity in the real world. It can indicate to an abstract level i.e., Place. Furthermore, to the additional types i.e., Place → Landform → BodyOfWater → Waterfall.

Example: types and additional types

Event → BusinessEvent. CivicStructure → PlaceOfWorship → Church → CatholicChurch


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Related to Types & Categorise:

The available properties of an entity might overlap with the Categories such as Restaurant. For Types it indicates the abstract meaning of a Restaurant, which means this place is a restaurant with the main type FoodEstablishment. Where in categories, it indicates a sub-category of Gastronomie, where the restaurant has, a kitchen and this kitchen can be → vegan, Italian, etc.


Here you can examine data classifications (Categories tree, types and additional types). Click to Download

Last update: January 27, 2023 14:37:03