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Mainly, it is used to assign content to a partner. Each project belongs to one partner, it helps to scope the data in infocenter. It functions as the main filter, our partners use it to get data from the infocenter and search endpoints. Therefore, it is always scoped by what is defined for our partners and what they expect.

Some partner project functionalities

  • Add data automatically to the project by using rules.


Current mapping rules support: Filter by tags
Filter by combinedType
Filter by categories
Filter by type
Filter by containedInPlace.

  • Provide information to access specific back-end interfaces like outdooractive or shopify in the name of the partner.
  • The project is required on all api requests.
  • One partner can use several projects.


Excluding and including data is done based on the partners' preferences. E.g. data from a specific source, unwanted categories, or types.