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Development documentation

Learn how to build powerful applications to serve the Swiss Tourism using services. Get documentation, example code, tutorials, and more.


Our newest work, releases, coming soon and known bugs you can find in the Devops section of this documentation.

documentation in progress

We constantly work to improve our documentation. What you can find here is not wrong, but not fully complete and some diagrams might be a bit outdated.
If you have any questions or remarks we are happy to get your feedback at


We build a knowledge graph which contains all object and relations which are relevant to build applications for the swiss tourism industry. It is not just a static graph of data we want it to become as lively as possible and provide real time information, communication, reservations and bookings whenever possible. To achieve this we collect and merge data and functinalities from existing best of breed offerings and make everything available in a consistent way.

overall architecture


The domains we address are

Infocenter (knowledge graph)

Information about places, tours, events, weather, webcams, ... all linked and consistent. For each (for us interesting) thing in the real world there is exactly 1 representation in our "digital twin of Swiss Tourism"

Profile / myData

Everything about the user and the guest. Just as with things we aim towards haveing each real person represented excactly 1 time in our digital world


Bookings, reservations, payment service and everything needed for it.

B2B Marketplace

Bookings, reservations, payment service for partners.

Work with the B2B marketplace

Identity provider

For all user authentication we maintain an Azure Active directory B2C instance to provide authentication and identity.


API services

The main way to get access to our services is using our API. We provide

  • REST api delivering data in and json-ld formatting
  • Azure Search for sophisticated and personalized search
  • Graph QL for modern access to all functionalities joined across all domains (coming soon)
  • Developer portal to access subscription keys and api definition (OpenAPI)

Azure Active Directory B2C

Microsoft provides plug-ins, libraries and webpages to support login and other user flows. We offer configuration and individual flow design for every frontend partner. Portal

This is designed for the enduser to access all his profile data to fulfil GDPR and myData concepts. The data belongs to the enduser and the enduser is in control of it.

Partner Portal

This is the administration portal for our partners to access

  • their own infocenter data
  • billing and booking information
  • enduser data they are allowed to access
  • statistics

Partner Portal

Demo Portal

A simple demo portal to test and show our functionalities. It is using only the test environment and is not intended to use for production or anything else than providing a sample. "You must know how to use it" and it is constantly work in progress.

Web components

We offer web components to make it easier to display complex data and processes:

  • checkout component (Shoppingbasket including product configuration and checkout) which works with our marketplace B2C service. (Checkout the example on the Demo Portal)
  • infocenter landing web-component to easily display a filterable list of infocenter objects on your website (Checkout the example on the Demo Portal)