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Delivery modes and methods

Many products/offers can be fulfilled by sending tickets or vouchers as QR codes and PDF, but some require physical goods to reach to customer like Food & Drink and Clothing but as well Skipasses.

Products which require shipping : Products which require shipping do not necessarily need to be shipped, if the Seller (Origin.Source) offers a pickup place or store, they can get picked up as well.

If a shipping is required the requirements for the customer and the address is changing. This is known only during the checkout and therefor the definition for it is added to the order object during the pre-fulfillment (see CustomerFields below)

Delivery modes and methods

Deliver mode Icon Delivery method Objects in profile
none (default) none none
digital  Digital - e-ticket a Ticket object is created
activation  Activation examples:
- terminal
- smart skipass
- ...
pickup  Pickup examples:
- ticket office
- different pickup points
shipping  Shipping examples:
- swisspass examples:
- smart skipass examples:
- terminal
A ParcelDelivery object is created in the Order