Add insurance order item

The handling of insurance is based on the Order item packages concept.

An insurance can be added like a regular order item to the order using add order item endpoint.

To add an insurance you must have an order item id of the order item to insure. You must define it as the parent order item number inside the request:

    "orderQuantity": 1,
    "ParentOrderItemNumber": "**insured order item number**",
    "orderedItem": {
        "traveler": [
            "identifier": "a",
            "birthDate": "1980-02-18T15:00:00",
            "familyName": "Schubert",
            "givenName": "Hans"
        "product": {
            "identifier": "apa_cancel"


Required customer fields to order an Allianz insurance are: email, birthDate, givenName, familyName, address.addressCountry, address.addressRegion, address.postalCode, address.streetAddress
Required travelers fields to order an Allianz Insurance are: birthDate, givenName, familyName

If the parent order item has defined travelers the insured travelers must be present in the parent order item.
The insurance can be placed for any of travelers in parent order item, but not more than the number of travelers in the parent order item.


The insurance order item travelers list can be changed by the server if the parent order item travelers list was edited. All travelers removed from the parent order item will be removed from the insurance as well.