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Releases on the PROD environment


Deployment: 18.10.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5777 Product Backlog Item Implement update of travelers info Testing
5648 Product Backlog Item Remove SBB minute hack Resolved
5910 Bug order mail: shopify product display Resolved


Deployment: 11.10.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5341 Product Backlog Item Add NoScriptValidation to all text properties in the profile services Done
5812 Product Backlog Item Add property "potentialAction" to support the actions concept of Resolved
5741 Product Backlog Item Finish order mail Testing
5501 Bug Ticket price in mail seems to be hardcoded Resolved


Deployment: 03.10.2021

We did some major improvements in handling orders: So far an order was always treated as 1 object and you had to post the full thing to apply some changes. This works perfect in simple predictive scenarios. But on complex mixed shopping basket it is more appropriate to go one step after the other:

  1. authenticate or create a profile session as a guest
  2. create an order - for all follwong steps you need one
  3. find offers - currently not that useful because we only support products which are always available in production
  4. update/create order item - work with oine order item at a time without touching the rest of the order (shopping basket)
  5. update the cutstomer in the profiel
  6. update the order with the customer - simple put on /orders/{id}/customer and the customer is updated from the profile to the person
  7. place the order
  8. initialize the payment
  9. pay

similar process is available in B2B service as well.

ID Work Item Type Title State
5639 Product Backlog Item Add an endpoint to the B2C marketplace service to initialize the updating of the customer in the order Done
4911 Product Backlog Item Add functionality to edit 1 order item at the time (marketplace service) Done
5476 Product Backlog Item Add functionality to remove 1 order item (marketplace service) Resolved
5309 Product Backlog Item Define a fake Ticino card and extend the ProductConfiguration with the Duration - 06.08.2021 Done
5265 Product Backlog Item Extend the externalOrder object with the shopify merchant Done
5335 Product Backlog Item Extend the product connectors with the mapping of guestFields Resolved
5327 Product Backlog Item Implement get offer for shopify and SBB bookings Resolved
5475 Product Backlog Item Swap the code mail-fork ZHT-flow <-> SendGrid Resolved
5334 Product Backlog Item Use Item- and guest-fields for dynamic validation when processing an order Resolved
5500 Bug No email sent for B2B orders Done
5542 Bug Product destination serialization issue Resolved
5498 Bug Property totalTaxCHF is missing Resolved


Deployment: 13.09.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5159 Product Backlog Item Improve SBB booking (group it, split validation/offer from booking and add external order) Done
5586 Bug Dataexport (orders in service bus) contain 3 instead of 2 price categories Done


Deployment: 09.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5139 Product Backlog Item Add the products endpoint to the B2B marketplace service Done


Deployment: 03.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4945 Product Backlog Item Add additional split for the Provider of the product Done
5439 Product Backlog Item Change the split logic to use transfers and invoice-items based on the partner definition instead the direction Done
5270 Product Backlog Item Control the sending of order confirmation mails by B2B and B2C Done
5434 Product Backlog Item Extend orderDownloadTraveler with Salutation Done


Deployment: 19.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5326 Product Backlog Item Add all ticket download possibilities to the ticket-response Done
5328 Bug Order send error in Test-V2 Done


Deployment: 12.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5275 Bug Incorrect date from when ordering a SBB ticket within the time 00:00 - 00:02 Done


Deployment: 28.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5015 Product Backlog Item OrderFulfiller: Group orderitems by supplier when creating an order in the suppliers system Done
5167 Bug Shopify order: orderItem.product the name is missing Testing


Deployment: 21.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4556 Product Backlog Item Book shopify products in marketplace Done
5039 Bug Add support or orders without travelers Done


Deployment: 25.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4647 Product Backlog Item Add the suppliers order-number to the transfer-split description Done
3650 Product Backlog Item Deduct fees from payouts in stripe Done
2955 Product Backlog Item Place an order as a partner without paying for it Done
4868 Bug B2B order process: pay order return 409 Resolved
4869 Bug B2B order process: the payment reference is not returned in the response Resolved
4871 Bug B2B: Fulfillment setting are missing Resolved
4900 Bug Exception when requesting a webcheckout for stripe Resolved
4714 Bug PaymentSplits are missed in database Resolved
4885 Bug Remove inappropriate response translation behavior for salutation Done


Deployment: 21.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State


Deployment: 15.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3723 Product Backlog Item GO LIVE: replace Elca by SBB Done
3480 Product Backlog Item Replace Elca/SPAS2 by SBB api Done


Deployment: 02.11.2020

  • Bugfix related to refactoring done in September (which was never released on PROD) and improved the return codes in case of exceptions
ID Work Item Type Title State
3466 Bug Accept-Timezone Header default value must be "UTC" Resolved
3456 Bug Create businesstral entry returns 500 Resolved

Last update: October 14, 2021 12:52:12