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Partner portal


Releases on the PROD environment


Deployment: 25.10.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5974 Bug Fix B2C authentication no_tokens_found error Done
5916 Bug landingPage title is not resolved Done
5948 Bug Role is not assigned to user Done
5934 Bug Show properties PriceInformation & TicketingContact in partner portal. Testing
5912 Bug User invitation guest accounts In Progress
5973 Bug Wrong request-partner set based on role assignment Done


Deployment: 18.10.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
3019 Product Backlog Item Change Profile / Password Reset in/from Partner Portal Done
5923 Product Backlog Item Show start and end location on tours in partner portal Resolved
5893 Bug Add Link (content URL) to Video Object Resolved
5913 Bug Field 'additionalPropertyValue' is not available for SearchFields Resolved
5918 Bug Fix advanced filter style Resolved
5902 Bug Modify the hierarchy of creative work Resolved
5883 Bug Prod-V2 empty zht logo in nova_zurichcard In Progress
5917 Bug Restyle user invite button Resolved


Deployment: 14.10.2021

  • Authentication switch from Azure AD to Azure AD B2C. All existing users will be migrated. For more details see: User
  • Enabled Guest Data List and Detail views. These views will show details of guests who are in a relationship with the current organization.
  • Authorized organizations can invite additional users.
  • Users can belong to multiple organizations and switch the partners within the partner portal .
  • Users can set the default project. Before it was fixed.


Breaking change All infocenter parnter portal URLs will now contain 'infocenter' in the URL. Old saved links will no longer work and needs to be adjusted. For example the new link is: and the old link was:

ID Work Item Type Title State
5408 Product Backlog Item Assign Project to Categories Done
5549 Product Backlog Item Extend Person Detail View and List Resolved
5853 Product Backlog Item Extend the partner with a redirectUrl after invite Resolved
5595 Product Backlog Item Improve Partner Portal Role assign & remove Action Resolved
5278 Product Backlog Item Support for partners to invite users Resolved
5637 Product Backlog Item Update product detail page design Done
5608 Bug Adjust amenity feature representation Resolved
5470 Bug Change the ID of elevation tour Photo Done
5847 Bug CreativeWork Region property missing in partner portal Resolved
5529 Bug If linked object doesn't exists wrong detail page is displayed Resolved
5593 Bug Page Tab titles are not updated Resolved
5735 Bug Sort similarity list based on similarity Resolved
5823 Bug ST Products missing names Done
5491 Bug tag list in add tags Resolved


Deployment: 30.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5532 Bug "wrong dates" in current week tab in Marketplace Resolved
5519 Bug ADDITIONAL PROPERTY wrong presented Testing


Deployment: 23.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5513 Bug Select Date "filter" not working Resolved


Deployment: 16.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5392 Product Backlog Item Show all properties of source and provider in the metadata tab Done
5496 Bug Partner Portal returns error and lists are not working Done


Deployment: 09.08.2021

  • Behavior of the tree in the filter tab is updated:
  • selecting or unselecting a parent selects/unselects all children automatically
  • deselecting a child deselects the parent automatically
ID Work Item Type Title State
5306 Product Backlog Item Add the businesstrail endpoint to the partner service Resolved
4866 Product Backlog Item Behavior when selecting tree-filter values Done
4978 Product Backlog Item Order search-list in partner portal Resolved
5427 Product Backlog Item Partner portal: Add source to the project view Done
5349 Product Backlog Item Partner Portal: Improve UI for product Done
5445 Bug Properties on product Resolved
5446 Bug Property "name" is missing Done


Deployment: 26.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5407 Product Backlog Item Add soft-delete to the planet Done
5344 Product Backlog Item Be able and test how to reapply changes to the data stored in the AuditTrail of the planet Done
5244 Bug Client exception when querying a not existent category in partner portal Done
5243 Bug Image link infinite loop Done
5319 Bug Improve the behavior in add/remove project in tree-view Done
5331 Bug MediaObject is not linked to event Done
5406 Bug openingHours Property is missing Done
5355 Bug partner portal: Image information shown on the overview tab of detail pages Done
5403 Bug Tags (ProfileTags) are automatically deleted Done
5410 Bug When updating a relationship the audit trail entry is not written in a way it can be displayed in the partner portal Done
5366 Bug Wrong additionalType mapping (tom) Resolved


Deployment: 19.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5242 Bug Audit trail shows no information (AdministrativeArea) Done
5256 Bug Correct presenting timing in event Done
5290 Bug Incorrect links on Tag items Done


Deployment: 12.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5242 Bug Audit trail shows no information (AdministrativeArea) Done
5256 Bug Correct presenting timing in event Done
5290 Bug Incorrect links on Tag items Done


Deployment: 05.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5211 Product Backlog Item Add "edit records" to the tree views in partner portal Done
4235 Product Backlog Item Harmonize the planet api models and planet search model Done
5210 Bug GenerateVertex is not updating the vertex even if force=true Done
5216 Bug In the partner portal the tag list is not refreshed after a new Tag is created Done
5199 Bug Invalid LatLng object Done
5232 Bug Only admin areas can be assigned to objects Done
5233 Bug Title Entry Details is not translated Done
5234 Bug Wrong date format and spelling in "Condition" Done


Deployment: 28.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5145 Task Improvements partner portal Done
3997 Product Backlog Item Collapse (and uncollapse!) vertexes manually in the "find duplicates list" of the Partner portal Done
4973 Product Backlog Item Create Profile Search Index and endpoint for the partner portal (partner service) Resolved
4916 Product Backlog Item Support the user when adding/removing areas to handle all parents correctly Done
5193 Bug Delete events were not handled Done
5171 Bug Deleted event from GDL still available via API Resolved
5141 Bug Error on List Views Resolved

41-1 & 41-2

Deployment: 21.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4021 Product Backlog Item Assign Project to Tags and AdministrativeAreas Done
5120 Bug Can't open specific Administrative Area Done
5079 Bug Can't open tour "Cannot read property 'id' of undefined Done
5075 Bug Can't remove discover project from eve_wt1_hfhggajaa in dev Done
4217 Bug Connector delete project returns Forbidden Done
5129 Bug Correct Translation of different properties Done
5130 Bug Fix of property name and translation Done
5080 Bug LocalBusiness's property (openinghours) is not updated on the partner portal Resolved
5057 Bug Returning the facets for selected options Done
5170 Bug Spelling mistake category ch_100214 Done
5134 Bug Wrong partner and project detail pages are loaded Done
ID Work Item Type Title State
4437 Product Backlog Item Add PlanetEventType.ProjectChanged in Planet and reduce Event changed noise in EventGrid Done
4718 Product Backlog Item Show products in the partner portal Done
5056 Bug Creating correction for unexisting variant returns 500 Done
5041 Bug Hotfix: Search delivers Events which are not there anymore Done
4985 Bug PostalcodeAreas do not show their postal code + add time to last change dates Resolved


Deployment: 07.06.2021

  • The ordering of the media tab was adjusted so that the main image of the datapoint is displayed as the first image in the list.
  • It's now possible to assign and remove regions and categories to datapoints.
ID Work Item Type Title State
4872 Product Backlog Item Add and remove relationships from data vertexes to regions and categories Done
5010 Bug Assigned region from the connectors can't be removed over the partner portal (Forbidden error) Done
5013 Bug Broken pages Resolved
4954 Bug Ginto data does show an image, but there is nothing in the media tab Resolved
5041 Bug Hotfix: Search delivers Events which are not there anymore Done
4952 Bug Image urls in partner portal not very "useful" Resolved
5012 Bug Infinity picture loader Resolved
4997 Bug Main image should appear as first image in the media tab Resolved
4870 Bug Planet: Cannot read property '_leaflet_pos' of undefined Resolved


Deployment: 01.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
3923 Product Backlog Item Offer my projects only in the drop down of the partner portal search Done
4898 Bug Administrative Area isn't deleted completely In Progress
4929 Bug Deleting assigned region returns 404 Done
4924 Bug Failed to extract reference Done
4888 Bug Link Tab relationship approved property isn't set correctly Resolved
4923 Bug Prod-V2 BadRequest on Add to search index Done
4915 Bug Tag isn't deleted fully Done


Deployment: 25.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4737 Product Backlog Item Adjusting search for similarities service Done
4720 Product Backlog Item Force generate vertex Done
4432 Product Backlog Item Partner portal v1 "fixes" Done
4755 Bug Adjust vertex collapsed audit trail entry in Partner Portal Resolved
4753 Bug Admin Tree doesn't filter single document vertex Done
4749 Bug Change Other relationship partner destination Resolved
4894 Bug Exception in ChangeFeed -> Planet create or update Resolved
4896 Bug Exception in get vertex children Resolved
4774 Bug Get My Projects returns 500 internal server error Done
4743 Bug Grow DataGovernance by merging logo and partner again and again Done
4670 Bug Improve search handling when switching between pages Resolved
4736 Bug Invalid Tag can be opened Resolved
4742 Bug Invalid url should route back to start page Resolved
4708 Bug Name property isn't serialized correctly Resolved
4754 Bug Open child documents redirect Resolved
4757 Bug Planet AuditTrail is not sufficient Resolved
4865 Bug Planet doesn't delete object completely Resolved
4748 Bug Planet server error during data import Resolved
4711 Bug Search endpoint returns more results than expected Resolved
4756 Bug Single OUA Document contains Ginto Link Done
4758 Bug The collapse does not handle "publish" correctly Done
4823 Bug webcam image link is wrong Resolved


Deployment: 05.05.2021

  • We have added the partner profile where you can see all your partner information, projects, and terms and conditions. On the project detail page, all the project publish rules are displayed which defines which data is automatically included in the projects.
ID Work Item Type Title State
4692 Product Backlog Item Change tag handling in partner portal to the new design of Sandi Done
4448 Product Backlog Item Show the Partner profile & projects in the partner portal Done


Deployment: 26.04.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4672 Bug App breaks if partnerAcronim null or undefined Resolved
4683 Bug App can't handle a lot of relationships (more than 500) Resolved
4666 Bug Campaign tag selection is missing Resolved
4623 Bug Partner Portal: projects assigned by default do not appear till you press reset Resolved
4659 Bug Selection of item by url in Category Tree Done


Deployment: 20.04.2021

  • Lists, filters and advanced search wer adjusted specifically for each object type to improve the usage of the list
  • The Link of a detail view contains the selected tab. With this change it's possible to open a detail view with the correctly selected tab.
  • The advanced search on events contains a date range picker to better filter events in the list
  • A new page to view the category tree is added
  • A new page to view the administrative area tree is added
ID Work Item Type Title State
4133 Product Backlog Item Adjust lists type specific Done
4621 Product Backlog Item Extend routing with detail page selected tab Done
4598 Product Backlog Item Implement the notifications according to the new design Done
4451 Product Backlog Item Partner portal: Show Administrative Areas as a tree Done
4452 Product Backlog Item Partner portal: show Category tree Done
4656 Bug Detailed view back button doesn't work Resolved
4594 Bug The last table page can't be reached on "All" list page Resolved


Deployment: 13.04.2021

  • We added a landing page for all unauthorized users
ID Work Item Type Title State
4551 Product Backlog Item Implement the landing page Done
3817 Product Backlog Item Show "other relationships" of entities in the partner portal detail views Done
4589 Bug Add Tag Modal campaign filter issue Done
4547 Bug Detail page for invalid object can be opened Done
4565 Bug Fix the modal overflow Done
4567 Bug Region search doesn't work Done
4568 Bug Tour stage links missing in links tab Done

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Deployment: 26.02.2021

Last update: October 21, 2021 13:24:25