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Releases on the TEST environment


Deployment: 18.08.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
5993 Product Backlog Item Add a businesstrail entry when an account is merged and check other actions in the Auth and ticket-function Testing


Deployment: 04.08.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6888 Product Backlog Item Extract partner acronym from the app id instead of the flow query parameter In Review
7736 Bug Person not in backup during profile deletion and wrong path for backups Done


Deployment: 28.07.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
7701 Bug Patch without the e-mail address removes the email from the person Done


Deployment: 07.07.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
7605 Bug Some properties are missed in Crm models Done


Deployment: 19.05.2022

  • We have added the option to share a partnerData object so that for example a user can share his list of favourites with another user.
ID Work Item Type Title State
7195 Product Backlog Item Share partnerData from one guest to another within the same partner Done


Deployment: 01.04.2022

  • The Person response contains a new property HasPrivateEmail which indicates if the person has a private email address. If you want to send emails to a person with a private email address then your sender address needs to be registered on our side. Currently, this can only happen for users with an apple identity.


Deployment: 25.03.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6755 Product Backlog Item Extend the Person with the identity issuer information Testing
7011 Bug Email verification is not executed when the email is changed via API Done


Deployment: 19.03.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6945 Bug 500 Internal Server Error PATCH /profile/v1/me Done


Deployment: 11.03.2022

  • We added a new endpiont me\verify\email to resend the account verification email in case the account is in state EmailNotVerified


Deployment: 03.03.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6611 Product Backlog Item Extend profile with email verification Done


Deployment: 17.02.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6547 Bug Slow Sign-In Done


Deployment: 11.02.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6676 Bug Harmonize 'salutation' representation in party Resolved
6413 Bug ProfileService API returns 500 on invalid date-time format Testing


Deployment: 03.02.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
1767 Product Backlog Item Ensure access control to content by partner (row level) Done
5844 Product Backlog Item Restrict access to shared profile data in profile service to explicitly shared data Done
6519 Bug Get works without correct permission Done
5994 Bug Giving a new partner access to existing shared objects does not work Done
6637 Bug Origin is not correctly created during sign in with a new partner Done
6636 Bug Ticket Status is missing in ticket details response Done


Deployment: 20.01.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6504 Bug DateTime formatter handler throwing an exeption Done


Deployment: 14.01.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6491 Bug 4tix Zip Code parsing error Done
6500 Bug Default scope in profiles ticket-list does not include future tickets Done
6489 Bug Internal Server Error on assign role if ds_iam role permission is missing Done


Deployment: 06.01.2022

  • The Email can be updated on all profiles now. This is updating the cummunication E-Mail address but not the one used for authentication (login)
ID Work Item Type Title State
6443 Bug AlternateName can't be changed Done


Deployment: 10.12.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
6369 Bug Exceptions during deposit 4tix Guest Card Done
6356 Bug User is created twice after invitation Done


Deployment: 02.12.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
6238 Bug 4tix Ticket can't be added Done
6222 Bug Merge profile returns 500 Internal Server Error Done


Deployment: 18.11.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
6119 Bug Accept-Language Header OpenAPI Parameter is missing Done
6145 Bug Name is not set in 4tix tickets Done
6131 Bug Validation messages don't contain property info Done
6104 Bug Wrong time format in some seldon SBB api requests (sent by us) Done


Deployment: 11.11.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
6093 Bug Accepting the terms and conditions in the order is still NOT ignoring the upper/lower-case Done


Deployment: 04.11.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5712 Product Backlog Item Add 4tix guest card to profile by api Done
6092 Bug Failed to upload image Done
6072 Bug Fix time in order mail and spontastic phone number Done


Deployment: 30.09.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5395 Product Backlog Item Improve the profile picture processing Done
1752 Product Backlog Item Row-based access control v1: add DataGovernance to profile data Done
5337 Product Backlog Item The access control for partners to profile data is changed from the partnerAcronym property to the DataGovernance Done
5543 Product Backlog Item Try resolve role SourceId additional property Done
5660 Bug Adjust response models in profile services Done
5813 Bug create order item with wrong number saves the wrong number Done
5610 Bug Profile Token with Bearer Scheme returns 401 Done
5641 Bug Ticket download link is not working in the SendGrid fullfillment email Done


Deployment: 02.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5119 Bug Partner Terms should be displayed first Done


Deployment: 25.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5140 Bug OrderDownload Ticket Html Token not found Done


Deployment: 18.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5121 Bug Orderdownload in profile service is throwing an exception (500) Done
5077 Bug OrderFlowRequest mapping issues Done
5122 Bug Ordersender: the time in the order mail is UTC instead of swiss time Done


Deployment: 31.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4770 Product Backlog Item Add reduction and preferredLanguage property to Person Done
4990 Bug Accept Term Version 400 Bad Request Done
4901 Bug profile / orderinfos function Accept-Timezone is not applied to all dates Resolved


Deployment: 20.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4786 Product Backlog Item Extend Party Traveler with Identifier Done
4828 Product Backlog Item Extend the accept-timezone functionality to accept IANA timezones Done
4822 Product Backlog Item Extend the order download model (service bus) Done
4571 Product Backlog Item Profile business trail endpoint Done
3733 Bug profile / orderinfos function does not support the Header Accept-Timezone Done
4885 Bug Remove inappropriate response translation behavior for salutation Done


Deployment: 30.03.2021

The following endpoints were changed:

Route OldType NewType
/orders Order[] BaseListResponse<Order>
/partnerdata PartnerData[] BaseListResponse<PartnerData>
/tickets Ticket[] BaseListResponse<Ticket>
  • Now these endpoint supports following additional query params:
Param Name Type Description
continuationToken string Continuation token used to get next page of data read about paging
top int Number of next set of entities read about paging
includeCount bool if true - includes total count of entities


Deployment: 11.02.2020

  • Profile service email validation was adjusted to match the B2C local account sign up email validation
ID Title State Type

will be filled


Deployment: 01.02.2020

  • Bugfix family name, last name, display name are always overwritten during sign in instead of keeping the modified value which was set over the profile API.
ID Work Item Type Title State Area Path
3696 Product Backlog Item Upgrade B2C flows to better design and add terms of the partner Done\Platform


Deployment: 17.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State


Deployment: 10.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State


Deployment: 03.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3393 Product Backlog Item Add additionalProperty to the traveler Done
3677 Bug If the request is in a way that it can't be deserialized directly tothe object server returns http 500 instead of BadRequest Done


Deployment: 03.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3455 Bug Partnerdata names must not be unique over all data just for each partner Resolved


Deployment: 09.11.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3455 Bug Partnerdata names must not be unique over all data just for each partner Done


Deployment: 26.10.2020

  • Bugfix related to refactoring done in September (which was never released on PROD) and improved the return codes in case of exceptions
ID Work Item Type Title State
3466 Bug Accept-Timezone Header default value must be "UTC" Resolved
3456 Bug Create businesstral entry returns 500 Resolved

Last update: August 18, 2022 15:18:36