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Infocenter v2


Since we started the infocenter version 2 with breaking changes in the api and data we deliver only bugfixes but no feature to the infocenter v1.

Releases on the TEST (v2) environment


Deployment: 06.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4609 Product Backlog Item Apply project rule for datasource to infocenter data during the connector Testing
3515 Product Backlog Item Map related data from OUA data Resolved
4636 Product Backlog Item Update Ginto connector with additional fields Resolved
4767 Bug Ginto Document empty WebHomepage Link Resolved
4775 Bug Infocenter Events doesn't include Tags Resolved
4596 Bug Infocenter Update does not handle images and DataGovernance correctly Testing
4724 Bug Invalid Administrative Area Tree Open API description Resolved


Deployment: 30.04.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4686 Product Backlog Item Change Guidle Webcam feed from GRF to Done
4680 Bug AdministrativeAreas we import from openstreetmap are missing the osm_id Resolved
4735 Bug Filtering the tag endpoint by partner acronym is case sensitive Resolved
4712 Bug OpenApi definition for infocenter update and public docs are not up to date Resolved
4721 Bug Tour.State is always set to "open" or "closed" but should be empty if not deliverd Resolved


Deployment: 23.04.2021

Fix the content of projects/regions where postal code areas are directly assigned to custom areas (ds_scuol, ds_viamala)

ID Work Item Type Title State
4677 Bug Tours are only assigned to cities but not postal code areas Resolved


Deployment: 20.04.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4249 Product Backlog Item Extend order by possibilities in the infocenter search to order by created in the source system Resolved


Deployment: 13.04.2021

  • We added a new property autoTranslate to all vertexes to control if the data should be automatically translated. With this property you can disable the translations of data uploaded with the infocenter update API.
  • For guidle data we now store the guidle webcode intead of the id, because the webcode is used in the guidle links instead of the id.
  • The tag list endpoint now supports a new query parameter usage to filter which tag types should be returned.
  • The search endpoint now filters data based on the accept-language header, this means if an object isn't available in the requested language it will not be returned. It only affects objects where autoTranslate was set to false because all other objects should be automatically translated to all available languages (de, en, it, fr).
ID Work Item Type Title State
4576 Product Backlog Item Activate finding duplicates for guidle and Ginto Resolved
4373 Product Backlog Item Add autoTranslate property to the all Vertex classes and infocenter update api Resolved
4496 Product Backlog Item Add guidle webcode to the additinal property instead of the id Done
3809 Product Backlog Item Add openstreetmap url or type (relation/way) to the objects (osm_id is already there) Resolved
4389 Product Backlog Item Add usage and partnerAcronym (subscription) filter to infocenter Tag endpoint Resolved
4590 Product Backlog Item Filter all search results by availableLanguage of the data Resolved
4577 Bug Logo present too mant times in DataGovernance Resolved


Deployment: 27.03.2021


Breaking changes


  • License property is added to all objects (e.g. CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-SA)
  • Datasource is moved to Origin within DataGovernance. The DataGovernance property contains a list of origins. This change was made to be able to display the DataGovernance correctly if the object was combined from multiple sources.
  • Within DataGovernance:
    • The Property Supplier was renamed to Provider
    • The Source type has changed to Partner
    • Author has changed from string to Person (givenName, familyName, email)
  • Zurichcard property type has changed from string to bool
  • OpeningHoursSpecification opens, closes type has changed to string(time)
  • nextOccurrence was added to events which displays the next occurens when the event is recurring
  • Fees is added to TourUpdate object so that it can be set and retrieved over the API again

Demo App:

ID Work Item Type Title State
3416 Product Backlog Item Add license and DataGovernance object to infocenter-update API Resolved
3485 Product Backlog Item Add weather to sample App Done
4424 Product Backlog Item Extend the Infocenter TourUpdate object with "fees" Resolved
3773 Product Backlog Item Move Datasource to DataGovernance and enable many of them Resolved
4377 Bug "Telephone" property values is missing from objects Resolved
4349 Bug Tours delivered by list endpoint don't have key in links Resolved


Deployment: 24.02.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4299 Product Backlog Item Filtered facet-response values Done
4307 Bug Translate 400 Bad request (too big data for translation service) Done


Deployment: 15.02.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
3779 Product Backlog Item Apply containedInPlace and parentType project rule to infocenter data during the connector Done
3483 Product Backlog Item Configure Guidle Amazon Message Queue to deliver all Switzerland Done
4221 Product Backlog Item Generate categories and mappings for poi's Done
4260 Bug AWS queue function throws exception Resolved
4262 Bug Count of data downloaded from outdooractive and in our project does not match Done
4263 Bug infocenter search indexers do not run regularly -> index is not up to date Resolved
4261 Bug No Event has an additional type Resolved
4264 Bug Not all Tours do have a category assigned Resolved
4219 Bug Null pointer Exception in Translation service (lots) Done
4215 Bug Outdooractive Business hours are not mapped on LoacBusiness type Resolved
4234 Bug The combinedType filter does not work for CreateWorks Done


Deployment: 11.02.2021


  • Search contains a new filter allTag which includes all tag types.
ID Work Item Type Title State
4171 Product Backlog Item Add allTag filter to api search Done
4169 Bug Category "weitere Aktivitäten" is located under "Bühne" instead of activities Resolved
4176 Bug Deleting categories and regions from planet Resolved
4174 Bug Incomplete containedInPlace properties in children of new ds_grf regions Resolved
4190 Bug Infocenter update api does not create the correct id Resolved
4164 Bug Overpass is delivering wrong data Resolved
4175 Bug personalized tag mapping is defined on ds_categories but we switched to ch_ categories Resolved
4170 Bug Planet returns Forbidden response on attempt to delete entity Resolved
4186 Bug Planet search. Add Image to response Done
4184 Bug Planet search. Publish property absent in response Done
4198 Bug Project GRF-VALMUESTAIR does not contain any Tours Resolved
3945 Bug Search configuration is wrong Done
3208 Bug There are CreativeWorks, ImageObjects and MediaObjects in the database which are related to deleted objects and do not exist anymore Resolved
4040 Bug Tour missing ContainedInPlace property Resolved
3524 Bug Translation service swallows not configured but in data existing languages Resolved
4054 Bug TranslationService The maximum request size has been exceeded Resolved
4150 Bug UnpublishByIdAsync NullReferenceException Resolved


Deployment: 01.02.2021


Breaking changes


  • Property Point was added to the GeoShape object
  • Fee and business hours are available on CivicStructure
  • New CH Category tree is used


  • Search Facet tag/id was renamed to tag
ID Work Item Type Title State
3765 Product Backlog Item Add hierarchy of additional types to search facet combinedType and combinedTypeTree Done
3831 Product Backlog Item Add property Point to the GeoShape object and use it instead of line for points Done
3543 Product Backlog Item Add scoring profile for profileTag boosting to search and demo app Resolved
3797 Product Backlog Item Add type -> category mapping to vertex-mapping (before planet) - Default category Done
3794 Product Backlog Item Extend the oua import connector to create Place- and LocalBusiness types as well Done
3806 Product Backlog Item Extend the ZHT import connector to map to types based on the configuration file Done
3586 Product Backlog Item Infocenter v2 go live (PROD) Done
3832 Product Backlog Item Load and test infocenter v2 Part 1 (PROD) Done
4110 Product Backlog Item Map fee & businessHours properties from OUA data Resolved
3766 Product Backlog Item Set additionalType in the all connectors based on the category-additionalType mappings Done
4086 Product Backlog Item Translate and add missing Administrative Areas Done
4001 Product Backlog Item Use the new swiss ch_ category tree in infocenter v2 Done
3967 Bug Bug in types definition file Done
4148 Bug ChangeFeed function default retry policy doesn't work Resolved
4087 Bug CombinedAdditionalType misses some types Resolved
4069 Bug Fix missing items (returned by /search, but 404 when trying to fetch it) Done
4068 Bug ImageObject contains empty array in "additionalProperty" prop Resolved
4052 Bug Make Infocenter Project and Datasource case insensitive Resolved
4092 Bug OUA Tour Project array is empty Resolved
3330 Bug Pluralization of category names does not work correctly Resolved
4067 Bug Profile tags mapped to incorrect property Done
3972 Bug Project and partner values are all lowercase -> filter does not work Resolved
4042 Bug Project array is empty in OUA entities Resolved
4122 Bug PublishVertex NullReferenceException during import of Project Done
4008 Bug Search: profileTag property is always returned Resolved
4062 Bug Some AAs weren't found in DB Done


Deployment: 21.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State Tags
3575 Product Backlog Item Optimize the oua download of details by requesting batches of data In Progress i32-2
3673 Product Backlog Item Remove /rename json properties Resolved breaking; i32-2
3807 Bug [TEST-V2] Weather endpoints don't work Resolved i32-2


Deployment: 14.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3607 Product Backlog Item Add language specific url to search (url & WebDetail - link) Done
3637 Product Backlog Item Add stage information to the Tour mapped from outdooractive Done
3609 Product Backlog Item Create the infocenter-update api connector for Tours Done


Deployment: 03.12.2020


Breaking changes


  • The links property is renamed to link. The content stays the same
  • The type of the property copyright changed from double to int


The filter/facet category did contain the full tree representation so far. Now we changed it so that

  • category: contains the identifier only
  • categoryTree: is representing the tree-path as it was on category before
ID Work Item Type Title State
3591 Product Backlog Item Add containedInPlace to infocenter-update and CreativeWork Done
3653 Product Backlog Item Add inLanguage property to the Link object Done
3627 Product Backlog Item Add search property leafType Done
3596 Product Backlog Item Add the a category filter to the search which contains the category id's only instead of the path (tree) Done
3636 Product Backlog Item Add the sourceId of infocenter-update to the additional properties Done
1774 Product Backlog Item Download Tours GPX and KML format Done
3659 Product Backlog Item Rename the links property to link (bug) Done
3619 Bug copyrightYear in CreativeWork is defined as a double instead of int Done
3635 Bug Events contain pictures only in German but not in English Done
3655 Bug Function RemoveOutdatedEvents uses too many RU on Cosmsos DB and reaches the limit every night Done
3632 Bug Hotfix for TEST-v2: GEO data is missing in the search result Done
3686 Bug Hotfix. subscription-key header is mandatory, but must not be Done
3628 Bug In the search index there are facet-values "Tour" and "tour" Done
3674 Bug Infocenter API deployment is failing Done
3623 Bug Infocenter detail endpoints do deliver unpublished data Done
3618 Bug Infocenter-update returns Internal Server Error instead of BadRequest when the client sends a invalid model Done
3598 Bug Investigate in Test V2 Connector (daily peak) Done
3680 Bug Missing openApi Path parameters Done
3617 Bug Search in the demo client is not up to date Done
3649 Bug Search: Accept-Language header "ru" returns error instead of data in the default language Done
3671 Bug Subscription key is missing in the open api definition Done
3589 Bug Tour ratingDifficulty shows 0 values Done
3621 Bug When deleting a n object in the infocenter-update api the last-modified date is not set (but all works fine) Done
3620 Bug Wrong names for api's in api management after the deployment Done
3634 Bug Wrong structure in the area tree and bad data in the category tree facet Done


Deployment: 23.11.2020


Breaking changes


  • The time property in the searchresult has changed the type from string to int.
  • facet parentType is replaced by combinedType. It uncludes parent types, type and additional types


  • The format to post/put categories and tags with creative Work in the input-update endpoint is simplified (string[] insted of SimplexRequest[])
ID Work Item Type Title State
3582 Product Backlog Item Add search property combinedType Done
3588 Product Backlog Item Automatically translate disambiguatingDescription Done
1774 Product Backlog Item Download Tours GPX and KML format Done
3576 Product Backlog Item facet- selectValues option in the search Done
3595 Bug Comma at the end of streets in OUA data Done
3390 Bug Count of event-entities in API and search are not the same Done
3592 Bug Search filter by date returns error Done
3593 Bug Search select time property when it exists in the result set returns http-status 500 Done
3570 Bug Thing contains Tag prop, but it shouldn't Done
3580 Bug using the search-value-scope for tags returns a 500 Server error Done


Deployment: 16.11.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
2882 Product Backlog Item Create the infocenter-update api connector for CreativeWorks Done
3525 Product Backlog Item Search facet-scopes: "return all-facet" option Done
3545 Product Backlog Item Update validation in search endpoint Done


Deployment: 09.11.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3275 Product Backlog Item Import categories and tags from excel (csv) Done
3443 Product Backlog Item Import data from additional properties in OUA condition Done
3432 Product Backlog Item Improve data quality of postalCode and AddressCountry Done
3493 Product Backlog Item Issue on Guidle Events: webcode is case sensitive but we do tolower() Done
3501 Product Backlog Item Make the infocenter-v2 detail endpoints case insensitive Done
3440 Product Backlog Item Serialize the values in the PropertyValue object response according to it's type Done
3452 Bug "select" parameter on api and search has some minor issues Done
3461 Bug custom areas an postal codes are missing the datasource Done
3504 Bug GDL data in English instead of German Done
3462 Bug GdlEventsMap timeout (>30min) Done
3490 Bug Issue with discoverswiss-test-v2-infocenter-connectors OuaPoisMap Done
3505 Bug OUA Tours projects are saved to OUA POIs queue Done
3476 Bug OverpassService.QueryFeaturesAsync HttpRequestException 504 (Gateway Timeout) Done


Deployment: 24.10.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3415 Product Backlog Item Add CreativeWorks to Search Index Done
3410 Product Backlog Item Add Guidle-id to AdditionalProperties Done
3449 Product Backlog Item Add search facets for type and parentType fields Done
3373 Product Backlog Item Change bad testdata to useuful data in infocenter Done
3407 Product Backlog Item Change the type of properties of type object in the OpenApi definition Done
3388 Product Backlog Item Create project definitions for ZHT and ENG and add rules to code Done
3034 Product Backlog Item Get outdooractive data from all over Graubuenden Done
1781 Product Backlog Item Map tags in connectors Done
3418 Bug ds_GRF regions are not configured correctly - missing postal codes Done
3442 Bug Enumeration are defined as integer in the OpenApi definition but should be string Done
3413 Bug ExtendedSearchRequest does not define all supported filter properties Done
3448 Bug Map polygon geoShape on outdooractive conditions Done
3400 Bug Missing categories are not visible in the Application Insights log Done
3434 Bug OUA conditions do not have a geo point definition and therefor are not assigned to a region Done
3441 Bug Search FacetValueResponse properties are missing in openapi definition Done
3427 Bug Search Index is missing the Geo location of Events Done
3436 Bug Search POST request without facets should return facets but does not Done
3450 Bug Set last-run-date in connectors 2 days behind Done
3423 Bug The translations in the search are not working correct Done


Deployment: 15.10.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3395 Bug ChangeTrigger functions cannot start in test-v2 Done
3327 Bug Ensure event connector download execution Done
3408 Bug Event WHERE = "ercfel" should be containedInPlace ds_grf but it is not Done
3370 Bug Exception when in a request both ContinuationToken and IncludedCount included Done
3403 Bug Languages in outdooractive data are swapped in the data Done
3401 Bug Null reference exception in publishVertex function Done
3402 Bug There are oua-containedInPlace values in some data which should not be there Done


Deployment: 01.10.2020

  • areas
  • categories
  • mapping by postal code or Geo location to areas
  • category mapping from source to categories
  • translatedData language property to all data -> information about automatic translation
  • partner projects automatically asigned to data by rules
  • search by Geo location
ID Work Item Type Title State
3278 Product Backlog Item Add Azure maps weather service data to apis Done
3285 Product Backlog Item Add translatedDataLanguage property to the search and sample app Done
3361 Product Backlog Item Apply hard-coded project-area rules to infocenter data during publishing Done
3060 Product Backlog Item Assign areas to all data based on the postalcode (publish) Done
3280 Product Backlog Item Automatic translation of missing language specific text during the publishing Done
3357 Product Backlog Item Create a system test for each infocenter type for v1 and v2 Done
3084 Product Backlog Item Define categories and their mapping to Guidle, outdooractive, tomas ... used for GRF Done
3331 Product Backlog Item Define the needed custom areas for GRF Done
3283 Product Backlog Item areas with blob storage connector Done
3362 Product Backlog Item In sample app show all area trees not just 1 Done
3332 Product Backlog Item Republish all data in v2 infocenter after merging all v2 features Done
3352 Product Backlog Item Set the project properties correctly to infocenter data during the import in the connector Done
2947 Product Backlog Item Support search by GEO location Done
3328 Bug Missing geoShape data on outdooractive conditions Done
3329 Bug Outdooractive POI only available in English Done
3358 Bug Search parameters are missing in openapi definition Done

Last update: May 3, 2021 06:06:26