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Infocenter v2


Since we started the infocenter version 2 with breaking changes in the api and data we deliver only bugfixes but no feature to the infocenter v1.

Releases on the PROD (v2) environment


Deployment: 17.01.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
4629 Product Backlog Item Set a name for all images In Review
6352 Product Backlog Item Ski resort: Add priceCategoryName and priceCategoryType to skipass prices Refinement
6278 Product Backlog Item Use v2 data api to download audio/media data from outdooractive Testing
6478 Bug Invalid comma separator in media bibliography Resolved


Deployment: 13.01.2022

  • Hotfix infocenter API
ID Work Item Type Title State
6495 Bug no facets in search results Resolved


Deployment: 12.01.2022

ID Work Item Type Title State
6401 Product Backlog Item Add item- and guestField property on the ProductVariant in partner portal Done
6111 Product Backlog Item Apply project rule for tags and combinedTypes to infocenter data Resolved
6291 Product Backlog Item Offers: use the author relationship as Source instead of Author Resolved
6293 Product Backlog Item SkiResort images: Add the additionalType of an image (mediaobject) to the partner portal and the simplex response In Review
6248 Bug DateGovernance.Source relationships are missing Resolved
6421 Bug Do not return empty openingDays Resolved
6387 Bug empty properties in the product object Resolved
6274 Bug Ski resort: postal code value 0 Resolved
6377 Bug Skiresort: report should be rich text Resolved
6378 Bug Skiresort: wrong skipass link in partner portal -> there is no relationship between SkiResort and Product (Skipass) Resolved


Deployment: 19.12.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
6365 Product Backlog Item add InLanguage property to ctd link Done
5591 Product Backlog Item Extend the GINTO connector to fulfill OK:GO map component requirements Done
5900 Product Backlog Item ST net snow report connector - GO LIVE In Progress
6317 Bug Exception in GintoMap Resolved
6298 Bug Ski Pass: Price min/max age is missing Done
6283 Bug Ski Resorts: hasShuttlebus is not mapped Resolved
6126 Bug Video is not shown on partner portal Done


Deployment: 13.12.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5591 Product Backlog Item Extend the GINTO connector to fulfill OK:GO map component requirements Done
6226 Bug properties on Ski resort not translated Resolved
6214 Bug bikeTransportLinkPriceTable is mapped when it is not delivered Resolved
6211 Bug Deleted skiResort still present in infocenter Resolved
6212 Bug Handling HTML for SkiResorts Resolved
6281 Bug Not updated schedule configuration for contentdesk connector Resolved
6251 Bug Rawmedia files do have the wrong content type Resolved
6241 Bug ski resorts: empty property should not be delivered Resolved
6243 Bug Ski resorts: mapping webcams more than one time Done

49-1 / 49-2

Deployment: 06.12.2021

  • We cleaned the combined type structure so it fits to our own specification in the Data Classification spreadsheet. Not all data will be updated at once.
  • The response type of LodgingBusiness CheckinTime and CheckoutTime changes from DateTime to TimeSpan (string in the openAPI definition) because this property represents only the time.
ID Work Item Type Title State
6161 Product Backlog Item Contentdesk connector: Filter additional properties by family definition Done
6090 Product Backlog Item Extend the product list and search with validFrom validTo Done
6132 Product Backlog Item Make sure all images are in photo and all objects do have an image Done
6181 Bug Mapping error by GDL Done
6177 Bug Missing categories for CTD offer "Family offer with Foxtrail Davos" Done
4570 Bug some OUA stage tours don't have links to stages Done
ID Work Item Type Title State
6207 Product Backlog Item Deliver contentdesk raw media over cdn Done
6234 Bug Exception in ChangeFeed: Missing mapping in CTD offer import Done
6228 Bug Fix Type structure in CombinedTypes Testing
6233 Bug Offer validThrough date is missing in Done
6239 Bug Search offers by date does not find all offers with a price with no or only one date Done
6107 Bug Skiresorts are not assigned to categories automatically -> fix type structure Testing


Deployment: 22.11.2021

In this release we provide the first connection to the TSO application. We created the import and the mapping for Places, Trips, Events and Offers (to Product) and connect to following instances.
- GRF - Offers including related objects
- DEMO - Places, Trips, Events, Offers (rough implementation)

Products are extended with
- offeredBy -> LocalBusiness
- areaServed -> Place
- containedInPlace -> areas

ID Work Item Type Title State
6100 Bug Elevation image error Resolved
6135 Bug PDF Search Event Range doesn't include Events on Start Date Done


Deployment: 15.11.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
6102 Bug Pdf search doesn't work correctly Resolved
6106 Bug SkiResorts are not automatically assigned to projects and regions Done


Deployment: 08.11.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5798 Bug PDF Search Event Range query Done
6075 Bug Print PDF issues Resolved


Deployment: 01.11.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
6006 Bug Author list delivered empty Testing
6003 Bug Check and improve resize image function Done
5977 Bug Remove potentialAction empty list from response Resolved


Deployment: 25.10.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5944 Bug Add http / https to all WebHomepage links Done


Deployment: 18.10.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5891 Product Backlog Item Support isWinter on images Done
5906 Bug Bibliography is missing in some cases Resolved
5879 Bug Media Service min source image size Testing
5890 Bug TOMAS image import: isWinter is not set correctly and Author is missing Done


Deployment: 11.10.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5553 Product Backlog Item Find a Tour which leads from A to B Done
5876 Bug Invalid WebHomepage link Done
5851 Bug Remove empty containedInPlace in CreativeWork api response Resolved


Deployment: 04.10.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5848 Task Change the validation rules of project to lower case Done
5257 Product Backlog Item Add and support video and audio property to place, product and event Done
5836 Bug Simplex ContainedInPlace in infocenter API contains too many properties Resolved
5880 Bug Video property/object should use embedUrl instead of url and extend with DataGovernance Done


Deployment: 27.09.2021


Breaking change On the product object we replaced the vendor property (of type text) with the seller property (of type partner) to be compliant.

On all infocenter objects we added additional properties for video and audio files. So far they have been part of the photo collection and could not be treated correctly.

Ski resorts including their snow conditions are available as a new object with the usual endpoints in infocenter and in the search. Currently we deliver date from STnet WISPO and we will extend it step by step with more detailed and up to date information taken directly from Snowinfo and Skidata in the near future. (In the partner portal they follow with the next partner portal release.)

The search to PDF service supports now the additional parameters to set the title and the lead-text in the PDF.

ID Work Item Type Title State
5259 Product Backlog Item Add duration property to Event and Tour Resolved
4641 Product Backlog Item Experiencebank activity connector Resolved
4436 Product Backlog Item Move automatic project assignment from the connector to the planet and apply it when the project definition has changed (on demand) Done
5254 Product Backlog Item Shopify: Replace the vendor property by the seller (product) Done
5384 Product Backlog Item ST net snow report connector Done
5657 Product Backlog Item Stop sending Guidle Events to infocenter v1 Done
5614 Bug Disambiguating description in Pellas is only tanslated to 2 languages Done
5822 Bug Experience Bank product- Infocenter Bug in Connector Done
5404 Bug Homepage link in foodEstablishment Done
5530 Bug Mismatched Project and ContainedInPlace Mapping Done
5773 Bug NRE during qurying data from Info API Done
5827 Bug OuaToursDownloadAndMap: Null reference exception -> Duration property Done


Deployment: 13.09.2021

  • Additional type Hotel is set on Tomas LodgingBusiness. Before no additional type was set on these objects.
ID Title State Type

will be filled


Deployment: 23.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5482 Bug System.UriFormatException during ZHT Connector execution Done


Deployment: 16.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5429 Task Create connector Done
5428 Task Update DB models Done
5452 Task Update public docs Done
5503 Bug Media Service Bibliography Author not included if only GivenName is present Done


Deployment: 09.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5467 Bug Don't return empty Author object delivered in DataGovernance Done
5461 Bug Lot's of null reference exception in change feed (ZHT objects) Done
5442 Bug Outdooractive pictures show "unknown" in the bibliography Done


Deployment: 03.08.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5180 Product Backlog Item Add AdditionalType to Facet values and filter facet values by it Resolved
5405 Product Backlog Item Harmonize Description properties in all connecters -> support HTML Done
5459 Bug Exception while executing function: UpdateNextEventOccurrences Unable to cast object of type Done
5441 Bug GDL Event wrong schedule dates mapping Done
5449 Bug GdlEventsMap Error mapping types because of DateTime format in ParseExact Done
5285 Bug Styling imported Events Done


Deployment: 26.07.2021

  • Requesting endpoints by id (e.g. areas/{id}) supports Select query parameter
  • New property removed is added to the Vertex ResponseModel. In the usual list and get endpoints this value will always be true. This property can only be false if the identifiers property is used.
  • A new query parameter identifiers is added to all list endpoints to batch query all items which are provided in the identifiers parameter. Multiple IDs can be provided separated by a comma. All items will be returned independently if they are in the provided project and if they are published or not. Depending on the project assignment and publish property the removed property will be set to true or false.
ID Work Item Type Title State
4940 Product Backlog Item Add api features to efficiently update locally cached data Done
5365 Bug Created and changed time from outdooractive is imported in the wrong timezone Done
5424 Bug OUA entities have empty Project array & there are missing ids from -last-ids Done


Deployment: 19.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5222 Product Backlog Item Translate more properties in infocenter connector Done
5295 Bug Created and LastModified seems to be swapped in gdl Datagovernance object Done
5293 Bug TSVM-ENG : there are still all conditions assigned to the project Done
5291 Bug ZhtCmsPlacesMap NullReferenceException Done


Deployment: 12.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5222 Product Backlog Item Translate more properties in infocenter connector Done
5295 Bug Created and LastModified seems to be swapped in gdl Datagovernance object Done
5293 Bug TSVM-ENG : there are still all conditions assigned to the project Done
5291 Bug ZhtCmsPlacesMap NullReferenceException Done


Deployment: 05.07.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5142 Product Backlog Item Add property priceInformation to product Done
4863 Product Backlog Item Add terms to shopify products Done
5037 Product Backlog Item Always add image to photo collection in all connectors Done
5223 Bug DS-AGB-guest is returned twice on manageprofile validate consent Done
5227 Bug Invalid Source Acronym is set Done
5198 Bug Investigate and fix possible problem with TranslatedDataLanguage setting Done
5147 Bug Main image is missing on shopify product Done
5157 Bug Shopify products: description is missing Done


Deployment: 28.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4838 Product Backlog Item Add additional property ouaId to the TESSVM partner and remove the hardcoded condition filter Done
4738 Product Backlog Item Add product to the infocenter api search Done
5000 Product Backlog Item Bring partner portal full text search to a user friendly behavior Done
4917 Product Backlog Item Create similarity relationships for all data above the similarity threshold Done
5034 Bug Fix GetFacetsResponses_Ok test Done
5191 Bug Open api client generators do have a problem with our openapi definition of the searchPDF get Done
5143 Bug Shopify.ProductFunctions.DownloadProductsAsync ArgumentNullException Done
5152 Bug ShopifyInventoryUpdate ArgumentNullException Done
5146 Bug ShopifyProductProjectDownload InvalidOperationException Done
5116 Bug Translation is not provided correctly by OUA Done

41-1 & 41-2

Deployment: 21.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
5030 Product Backlog Item Improve PDF performance and validate CDN endpoints Done
4624 Product Backlog Item Update shopify inventory data in Done
5153 Bug Conditions @Id property is invalid Done
4963 Bug OUA tours not assigned to a project Done
ID Work Item Type Title State
--- --- --- ---
4765 Product Backlog Item Api Search: order by distance from current position Done
3350 Product Backlog Item Apply source project rule to infocenter data Done
4555 Product Backlog Item Create shopify products connector Done
4836 Product Backlog Item Move ShopifyMerchant to partner and support Tax Done
5043 Bug (created at) and (last modified at) have the same value. & add the time to them Done
5042 Bug ParentAdditionalType is uppercase Done
5014 Bug PDF page break: put single title to next page Done
4946 Bug Search performance not good enough Done
5055 Bug Uppercase type and additional type values in planet search Done


Deployment: 07.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4979 Bug Change the type of custom-cities from TourismArea to TourismCity Done
4959 Bug Website link is missing in OUA object Done


Deployment: 02.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4815 Product Backlog Item Add lastModifed to the api search Done
4941 Bug API search: "orderBy": "nextOccurrence asc, recurredCount asc" does not work Done
4937 Bug Event with no region are added to a project Done
4953 Bug Media service: source caption is not properly positioned Done


Deployment: 25.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4731 Product Backlog Item Add bibliographie automatically to the picture served by the media service Done
4609 Product Backlog Item Apply project rule for datasource to infocenter data during the connector Done
4481 Product Backlog Item Extend static map image MediaService to support other GeoShape than line Done
4391 Product Backlog Item Extend static map image MediaService with styles Done
3515 Product Backlog Item Map related data from OUA data Done
4636 Product Backlog Item Update Ginto connector with additional fields Done
4895 Bug Events without schedule are not deliverd over the api Done
4893 Bug Exception in ChangeFeed -> Planet delete gdl Resolved
4892 Bug Exception while executing function: ZhtCmsGastronomyMap Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Done
4847 Bug Get Lodging Business 500 Internal Server Error "Error mapping types." Done
4854 Bug Ginto DG empty license Done
4767 Bug Ginto Document empty WebHomepage Link Done
4775 Bug Infocenter Events doesn't include Tags Done
4596 Bug Infocenter Update does not handle images and DataGovernance correctly Done
4724 Bug Invalid Administrative Area Tree Open API description Done
4855 Bug Standard categories for types do not work Done


Deployment: 03.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4686 Product Backlog Item Change Guidle Webcam feed from GRF to Done
4680 Bug AdministrativeAreas we import from openstreetmap are missing the osm_id Done
4735 Bug Filtering the tag endpoint by partner acronym is case sensitive Done
4712 Bug OpenApi definition for infocenter update and public docs are not up to date Done
4721 Bug Tour.State is always set to "open" or "closed" but should be empty if not deliverd Done


Deployment: 26.04.2021

Fix the content of projects/regions where postal code areas are directly assigned to custom areas (ds_scuol, ds_viamala)

ID Work Item Type Title State
4677 Bug Tours are only assigned to cities but not postal code areas Done


Deployment: 20.04.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4249 Product Backlog Item Extend order by possibilities in the infocenter search to order by created in the source system Done


Deployment: 20.04.2021

  • We added a new property autoTranslate to all vertexes to control if the data should be automatically translated. With this property you can disable the translations of data uploaded with the infocenter update API.
  • For guidle data we now store the guidle webcode intead of the id, because the webcode is used in the guidle links instead of the id.
  • The tag list endpoint now supports a new query parameter usage to filter which tag types should be returned.
  • The search endpoint now filters data based on the accept-language header, this means if an object isn't available in the requested language it will not be returned. It only affects objects where autoTranslate was set to false because all other objects should be automatically translated to all available languages (de, en, it, fr).
ID Work Item Type Title State
4576 Product Backlog Item Activate finding duplicates for guidle and Ginto Done
4373 Product Backlog Item Add autoTranslate property to the all Vertex classes and infocenter update api Done
4496 Product Backlog Item Add guidle webcode to the additinal property instead of the id Done
3809 Product Backlog Item Add openstreetmap url or type (relation/way) to the objects (osm_id is already there) Done
4389 Product Backlog Item Add usage and partnerAcronym (subscription) filter to infocenter Tag endpoint Done
4590 Product Backlog Item Filter all search results by availableLanguage of the data Done
4577 Bug Logo present too mant times in DataGovernance Done

First release of v2

Deployment: 26.02.2021

breaking changes to v1

ID Title State Type

Last update: January 14, 2022 14:42:57