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Infocenter v2


Since we started the infocenter version 2 with breaking changes in the api and data we deliver only bugfixes but no feature to the infocenter v1.

Releases on the PROD (v2) environment

41-1 & 41-2

Deployment: 21.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4624 Product Backlog Item Update shopify inventory data in Testing
5121 Bug Orderdownload in profile service is throwing an exception (500) Testing
5122 Bug Ordersender: the time in the order mail is UTC instead of swiss time Testing
4963 Bug OUA tours not assigned to a project In Progress
ID Work Item Type Title State
--- --- --- ---
4765 Product Backlog Item Api Search: order by distance from current position Resolved
3350 Product Backlog Item Apply source project rule to infocenter data Resolved
4555 Product Backlog Item Create shopify products connector Testing
4836 Product Backlog Item Move ShopifyMerchant to partner and support Tax Testing
4962 Product Backlog Item Separate deployment of pdf service and templates Done
5043 Bug (created at) and (last modified at) have the same value. & add the time to them Testing
5042 Bug ParentAdditionalType is uppercase Testing
5014 Bug PDF page break: put single title to next page Testing
4946 Bug Search performance not good enough In Progress
5055 Bug Uppercase type and additional type values in planet search Testing


Deployment: 07.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4958 Product Backlog Item Add/change new endpoint for search which works for all clients and openApi definition Done
4957 Product Backlog Item Fix design issues in list view pdf Done
4884 Product Backlog Item Use partner logos (footer/header) from CDN Done
4979 Bug Change the type of custom-cities from TourismArea to TourismCity Done
4959 Bug Website link is missing in OUA object Resolved


Deployment: 02.06.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4815 Product Backlog Item Add lastModifed to the api search Done
4456 Product Backlog Item Generate server side PDF from search results Resolved
4638 Product Backlog Item Put templates on external storage and handle headers and footers in PDF generator Resolved
4941 Bug API search: "orderBy": "nextOccurrence asc, recurredCount asc" does not work Done
4937 Bug Event with no region are added to a project Resolved
4953 Bug Media service: source caption is not properly positioned Done
4881 Bug PDF generation: We must avoid cases where elements are broken by pages Resolved


Deployment: 25.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4731 Product Backlog Item Add bibliographie automatically to the picture served by the media service Resolved
4609 Product Backlog Item Apply project rule for datasource to infocenter data during the connector Done
4882 Product Backlog Item Extend 'groupBy' logic with different converters Resolved
4481 Product Backlog Item Extend static map image MediaService to support other GeoShape than line Resolved
4391 Product Backlog Item Extend static map image MediaService with styles Resolved
3515 Product Backlog Item Map related data from OUA data Resolved
4906 Product Backlog Item Support the creation of PDF in different languages Testing
4636 Product Backlog Item Update Ginto connector with additional fields Done
4895 Bug Events without schedule are not deliverd over the api Resolved
4893 Bug Exception in ChangeFeed -> Planet delete gdl Resolved
4892 Bug Exception while executing function: ZhtCmsGastronomyMap Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Resolved
4847 Bug Get Lodging Business 500 Internal Server Error "Error mapping types." Done
4854 Bug Ginto DG empty license Resolved
4767 Bug Ginto Document empty WebHomepage Link Done
4775 Bug Infocenter Events doesn't include Tags Done
4596 Bug Infocenter Update does not handle images and DataGovernance correctly Resolved
4724 Bug Invalid Administrative Area Tree Open API description Resolved
4855 Bug Standard categories for types do not work Done


Deployment: 03.05.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4686 Product Backlog Item Change Guidle Webcam feed from GRF to Done
4680 Bug AdministrativeAreas we import from openstreetmap are missing the osm_id Resolved
4735 Bug Filtering the tag endpoint by partner acronym is case sensitive Resolved
4712 Bug OpenApi definition for infocenter update and public docs are not up to date Resolved
4721 Bug Tour.State is always set to "open" or "closed" but should be empty if not deliverd Resolved


Deployment: 26.04.2021

Fix the content of projects/regions where postal code areas are directly assigned to custom areas (ds_scuol, ds_viamala)

ID Work Item Type Title State
4677 Bug Tours are only assigned to cities but not postal code areas Resolved


Deployment: 20.04.2021

ID Work Item Type Title State
4249 Product Backlog Item Extend order by possibilities in the infocenter search to order by created in the source system Resolved


Deployment: 20.04.2021

  • We added a new property autoTranslate to all vertexes to control if the data should be automatically translated. With this property you can disable the translations of data uploaded with the infocenter update API.
  • For guidle data we now store the guidle webcode intead of the id, because the webcode is used in the guidle links instead of the id.
  • The tag list endpoint now supports a new query parameter usage to filter which tag types should be returned.
  • The search endpoint now filters data based on the accept-language header, this means if an object isn't available in the requested language it will not be returned. It only affects objects where autoTranslate was set to false because all other objects should be automatically translated to all available languages (de, en, it, fr).
ID Work Item Type Title State
4576 Product Backlog Item Activate finding duplicates for guidle and Ginto Resolved
4373 Product Backlog Item Add autoTranslate property to the all Vertex classes and infocenter update api Resolved
4496 Product Backlog Item Add guidle webcode to the additinal property instead of the id Done
3809 Product Backlog Item Add openstreetmap url or type (relation/way) to the objects (osm_id is already there) Resolved
4389 Product Backlog Item Add usage and partnerAcronym (subscription) filter to infocenter Tag endpoint Resolved
4590 Product Backlog Item Filter all search results by availableLanguage of the data Resolved
4577 Bug Logo present too mant times in DataGovernance Resolved

First release of v2

Deployment: 26.02.2021

breaking changes to v1

ID Title State Type

Last update: June 17, 2021 17:36:29