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Search facet request

Search facet request

Parameter Type Description
name string name of facet or value from filterPropertyName property that will be in the response of search (e.g. rating/condition and ratingCondition returns same facet)
values string property that represent borders for range response
interval int property that represent interval borders for range response
count int count of facets in the reponse
selectValues string[] facet values which will be returned in the response. If selectValues is set then values or interval can't be used. If selectValues contains values then the value of count will be equals to max int (2,147,483,647)
scope string represent type of scope which will be used for building response. Possible values: ["all", "parent", "current"]. Default value is current

Facet scope defintions

Name Description
current standard behavior of Azure Search.Only facets of the current request/response get delivered
all all facets get delivered like if they would be without a selection on the current filter on this facet.
parent facets get delivered like if they would be the parent of the current filter on this facet. Only works with tree facets

Last update: February 4, 2021 14:25:20