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Location feature specification

Thing > PropertyValue > LocationFeatureSpecification


Property Type Description
hoursAvailable OpeningHoursSpecification[]
validFrom DateTime
validThrough DateTime

Included PropertyValue data

Property Type Description
propertyID string
maxValue double
minValue double
unitCode string
unitText string
value object
valueType string Possible values: ["string", "integer", "number", "boolean","array","object"]

Included Thing data

Property Type Description
additionalType string Name of the "real", more descriptive class which has no additional properties. examples are,,
alternateName string
image ImageObject
tag Tag[]
link Link[] Web-links and general links between things
sameAs string
url string URL of the item
description string Multilingual
disambiguatingDescription string Multilingual
name string Multilingual

Last update: August 5, 2020 07:15:40