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Creative work

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Full model


Property Type Description
@id string json-ld: full url to load the object (based on identifier)
identifier string
datasource string Key to identify and filter the data source: List of data sources
dataGovernance DataGovernance Source, copyright, terms/licences, ..
category Category[]
contentReferenceTime DateTimeOffset
copyrightYear int (nullable)
encodingFormat string(1024)
isAccessibleForFree bool
thumbnailUrl string(1024)
inLanguage string
additionalProperty PropertyValue[] A property-value pair representing additional characteristics of the entity for which no matching property exists in
propertyID = "sourceId" -> id of source object.
autoTranslatedData boolean indicates if the data in the current language was automatically translated

Included Thing data

Property Type Description
additionalType string Name of the "real", more descriptive class which has no additional properties. examples are,,
alternateName string
image ImageObject
tag Tag[]
link Link[] Web-links and general links between things
sameAs string
url string URL of the item
description string Multilingual
disambiguatingDescription string Multilingual
name string Multilingual

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