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Infocenter v2


Since we started the infocenter version 2 with breaking changes in the api and data we deliver only bugfixes but no feature to the infocenter v1.

Releases on the TEST (v2) environment


Deployment: 23.11.2020


Breaking changes


  • The time property in the searchresult has changed the type from string to int.
  • facet parentType is replaced by combinedType. It uncludes parent types, type and additional types


  • The format to post/put categories and tags with creative Work in the input-update endpoint is simplified (string[] insted of SimplexRequest[])
ID Work Item Type Title State
3582 Product Backlog Item Add search property combinedType Done
3596 Product Backlog Item Add the a category filter to the search which contains the category id's only instead of the path (tree) In Progress
3588 Product Backlog Item Automatically translate disambiguatingDescription Done
1774 Product Backlog Item Download Tours GPX and KML format In Progress
3576 Product Backlog Item facet- selectValues option in the search Done
3595 Bug Comma at the end of streets in OUA data Done
3390 Bug Count of event-entities in API and search are not the same Done
3592 Bug Search filter by date returns error Done
3593 Bug Search select time property when it exists in the result set returns http-status 500 Done
3570 Bug Thing contains Tag prop, but it shouldn't Done
3580 Bug using the search-value-scope for tags returns a 500 Server error Resolved


Deployment: 16.11.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
2882 Product Backlog Item Create the infocenter-update api connector for CreativeWorks Done
3552 Product Backlog Item Facetvalues scoped by odata-filter New
3525 Product Backlog Item Search facet-scopes: "return all-facet" option Done
3545 Product Backlog Item Update validation in search endpoint Done


Deployment: 09.11.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3275 Product Backlog Item Import categories and tags from excel (csv) Done
3443 Product Backlog Item Import data from additional properties in OUA condition Resolved
3432 Product Backlog Item Improve data quality of postalCode and AddressCountry Resolved
3493 Product Backlog Item Issue on Guidle Events: webcode is case sensitive but we do tolower() Resolved
3501 Product Backlog Item Make the infocenter-v2 detail endpoints case insensitive Resolved
3440 Product Backlog Item Serialize the values in the PropertyValue object response according to it's type Resolved
3452 Bug "select" parameter on api and search has some minor issues Resolved
3461 Bug custom areas an postal codes are missing the datasource Resolved
3504 Bug GDL data in English instead of German Resolved
3462 Bug GdlEventsMap timeout (>30min) Resolved
3490 Bug Issue with discoverswiss-test-v2-infocenter-connectors OuaPoisMap Resolved
3505 Bug OUA Tours projects are saved to OUA POIs queue Resolved
3476 Bug OverpassService.QueryFeaturesAsync HttpRequestException 504 (Gateway Timeout) Done


Deployment: 24.10.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3415 Product Backlog Item Add CreativeWorks to Search Index Done
3410 Product Backlog Item Add Guidle-id to AdditionalProperties Resolved
3449 Product Backlog Item Add search facets for type and parentType fields Resolved
3373 Product Backlog Item Change bad testdata to useuful data in infocenter Done
3407 Product Backlog Item Change the type of properties of type object in the OpenApi definition Resolved
3388 Product Backlog Item Create project definitions for ZHT and ENG and add rules to code Resolved
3034 Product Backlog Item Get outdooractive data from all over Graubuenden Resolved
1781 Product Backlog Item Map tags in connectors Resolved
3418 Bug ds_GRF regions are not configured correctly - missing postal codes Resolved
3442 Bug Enumeration are defined as integer in the OpenApi definition but should be string Resolved
3413 Bug ExtendedSearchRequest does not define all supported filter properties Resolved
3448 Bug Map polygon geoShape on outdooractive conditions Done
3400 Bug Missing categories are not visible in the Application Insights log Done
3434 Bug OUA conditions do not have a geo point definition and therefor are not assigned to a region Resolved
3441 Bug Search FacetValueResponse properties are missing in openapi definition Resolved
3427 Bug Search Index is missing the Geo location of Events Resolved
3436 Bug Search POST request without facets should return facets but does not Resolved
3450 Bug Set last-run-date in connectors 2 days behind Resolved
3423 Bug The translations in the search are not working correct Resolved


Deployment: 15.10.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State
3395 Bug ChangeTrigger functions cannot start in test-v2 Done
3327 Bug Ensure event connector download execution Done
3408 Bug Event WHERE = "ercfel" should be containedInPlace ds_grf but it is not Done
3370 Bug Exception when in a request both ContinuationToken and IncludedCount included Done
3403 Bug Languages in outdooractive data are swapped in the data Done
3401 Bug Null reference exception in publishVertex function Done
3402 Bug There are oua-containedInPlace values in some data which should not be there Done


Deployment: 01.10.2020

  • areas
  • categories
  • mapping by postal code or Geo location to areas
  • category mapping from source to categories
  • translatedData language property to all data -> information about automatic translation
  • partner projects automatically asigned to data by rules
  • search by Geo location
ID Work Item Type Title State
3278 Product Backlog Item Add Azure maps weather service data to apis Done
3285 Product Backlog Item Add translatedDataLanguage property to the search and sample app Done
3361 Product Backlog Item Apply hard-coded project-area rules to infocenter data during publishing Done
3060 Product Backlog Item Assign areas to all data based on the postalcode (publish) Done
3280 Product Backlog Item Automatic translation of missing language specific text during the publishing Done
3357 Product Backlog Item Create a system test for each infocenter type for v1 and v2 Done
3084 Product Backlog Item Define categories and their mapping to Guidle, outdooractive, tomas ... used for GRF Done
3331 Product Backlog Item Define the needed custom areas for GRF Done
3283 Product Backlog Item areas with blob storage connector Done
3362 Product Backlog Item In sample app show all area trees not just 1 Done
3332 Product Backlog Item Republish all data in v2 infocenter after merging all v2 features Done
3352 Product Backlog Item Set the project properties correctly to infocenter data during the import in the connector Done
2947 Product Backlog Item Support search by GEO location Done
3328 Bug Missing geoShape data on outdooractive conditions Done
3329 Bug Outdooractive POI only available in English Done
3358 Bug Search parameters are missing in openapi definition Done

Last update: November 23, 2020 06:33:14