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Releases on the PROD environment


Deployment: 15.02.2021

  • B2C design refreshment
  • Multiple terms and conditions can be displayed in B2C
  • Fix register flow which wasn't completed successfully in some scenarios
  • Profile information will not be overwritten during sign-in if it was already modified over the profile endpoint.


Deployment: 14.12.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State Area Path
3629 Product Backlog Item Autostop connector functions if external request go over a threshold Done\Platform
3643 Bug "passwort vergessen" link does not work in the demo App Done\Platform
3422 Bug Improve layout of search Page in sample app Done\Demo app


Deployment: 16.11.2020

ID Work Item Type Title State Area Path
3562 Product Backlog Item Check the result state on all Cosmonaut DB requests (infocenter service) Done\Platform
3488 Product Backlog Item Split Azure B2C profile API functions from Manage-Marketplace API Done\Platform


Deployment: 27.10.2020

  • Update D365 sync to fit new Azure B2C flows (Login in Portal)
  • Change the to the new login flow in D365 Portal
ID Work Item Type Title State Area Path
3371 Product Backlog Item Create a unit test for the openApi definition endpoints Done\Platform
2920 Product Backlog Item developer documentation: Add information about environments Done\Platform
3398 Product Backlog Item Make category tree in sample app collapsible Done\Demo app
3354 Product Backlog Item Update D365 guest portal login to new custom policy login flow Done\Platform
3414 Product Backlog Item Update/change the datasource filter in the sample app to a project filter Done\Demo app
3325 Product Backlog Item Use Configuration service for Azure functions configuration Done\Platform
3256 Bug Website Bug on Safari on IOS Done\Platform
3406 Bug Media service in sample app does not correspond to the api Done\Demo app


Deployment: 27.10.2020

  • new layout in the authorization flows -> new request/ partners must update their calls flows for each environment
  • accept terms & conditions during signup
ID Work Item Type Title State Area Path
1874 Product Backlog Item Accept changed terms and conditions during login process Done\Platform
3353 Product Backlog Item Change Layout of Login screens to new design Done\Platform
1786 Product Backlog Item Changing the e-mail address of the account Resolved\Platform
3380 Bug Issue with EXCEPTION AutoMapper.AutoMapperMappingException Done\Platform\Operation\Dev
3381 Bug Issue with EXCEPTION System.NullReferenceException Done\Platform\Operation\Dev

Last update: February 16, 2021 12:54:07