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Known bugs

ID Title Severity State Area Path
3460 Login with old flow and new custom policy does create different users for the same Microsoft account 1 - Critical In Progress
2875 Guidle categories are delivered several times and not all events can be found in the correct categories 3 - Medium New\Infocenter
3288 NOVA Ticket-ID is not unique 3 - Medium In Progress\Marketplace
3455 Partnerdata names must not be unique over all data just for each partner 3 - Medium New\Profile
3465 Consolidate API Management policies 3 - Medium New\Profile
3466 Accept-Timezone Header default value must be "UTC" 3 - Medium In Progress\Profile
3330 Pluralization of category names does not work correctly 3 - Medium Committed\Infocenter
3452 "select" parameter on api and search has some minor issues 3 - Medium In Progress\Infocenter
3461 custom areas an postal codes are missing the datasource 3 - Medium New\Infocenter
3462 GdlEventsMap timeout (>30min) 3 - Medium In Progress\Infocenter
3476 OverpassService.QueryFeaturesAsync HttpRequestException 504 (Gateway Timeout) 3 - Medium New\Infocenter
3479 Fix system tests 3 - Medium In Progress\Infocenter
3422 Improve layout of search Page in sample app 3 - Medium In Progress\Demo app
1564 No valid leaving transitions are permitted from state 'Fulfilled' for trigger 'Error'. Consider ignoring the trigger. 4 - Low Approved\Marketplace
1910 [TEST] Old ticket file should be removed when replaced with the new one 4 - Low New\Marketplace
2815 check handling of payment: authorization, capture and transfer when the captured value is not equal to the authorized 4 - Low New\Marketplace
3057 Export BusinessTrail to D365 fails the first time but then succeeds (timing issue) 4 - Low New\Profile\D365
3208 There are CreativeWorks, ImageObjects and MediaObjects in the database which are related to deleted objects and do not exist anymore 4 - Low New\Infocenter
3228 Too much publishing because of projects 4 - Low In Progress\Infocenter

Last update: June 8, 2020 16:32:29