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Title Description Iteration Path State categories (consistent over all connectors)\Sprint 27 In Progress
Complete the category/tag mapping for the current datasources
Complete the mapping excel and generate appropriate files and tags for
  • outdooractive
  • guidle
  • Tomas
  • ZHT\Sprint 29 In Progress
Download Tours GPX and KML format
As a user I want to be able to download a specific tour in a format I can import into my GPS so I can follow it easily.\Sprint 29 Refinement
Create the infocenter-update api connector for CreativeWorks
As a Solution Provider I must be able to add my own content which does not exist in to the search index so I can find it as part of the search result.\Sprint 29 In Progress
Add License (Terms & Conditions) to all data
As a solution provider I need to know which kind of license model applies to the data so I know how to reference the source and author of the data. Refinement
Infocenter version 2
We want to do changes in the data structure which can be breaking for the existing clients.

For this we must create the infocenter version 2\Sprint 27 In Progress
Web map component to display POI
As a partner I want be able to integrate a map component into my Web Application to display a POI on a map to my customers. In Progress
Add nameValue collection to extend a traveller
As a solution provider I would like to save additional information to a traveler so I have access for example to ski card, weight, ... Approved
Basic Monitoring and Alerting
As supporter I want to have a basic monitoring and alerting for all existing environments so that I'll be proactively informed if there is a major issue. This should be the basis which can be extended by specific monitoring.\Sprint 29 In Progress
Import data from additional properties in OUA condition
I found that we never use values for OUA Condition RiskDescription and WeatherDescription and mapping for this props is not defined in confluence. We really shouldn't use them?\Sprint 29 Refinement
public documentation: list all breaking changes infocenter v1 -> v2\Sprint 29 Committed
Add weather to sample App
As a solution provider I want to experience how the weather service in d.s works so I will implement in my app\Sprint 29 Refinement

Last update: June 8, 2020 16:32:29