Facets list

facet name filter property name filter value type description
address/addressLocality addressLocality string[]
address/postalCode addressPostalCode string[]
tag tag string[]
categoryTree categoryTree string[] represent category tree list. For getting full list of categories don't forget to set big enough value for count property in facet request
containedInPlace/id containedInPlace string[]
time time int[]
state state string[]
rating/condition ratingСondition int[]
rating/difficulty ratingDifficulty int[]
elevation/ascent elevationAscent int[]
elevation/descent elevationDescent int[]
elevation/minAltitude elevationMinAltitude int[]
elevation/maxAltitude elevationMaxAltitude int[]
season season string[]
type type string[]
combinedType combinedType string[] represent array containing data from parentType and parentAdditionalType properties
combinedTypeTree combinedTypeTree string[] represent array containing tree data from parentType and parentAdditionalType properties
leafType leafType string[] contains additionalType or type

Last update: February 18, 2021 19:36:04