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fulfillment documents

Not all connectors support all token possibilities, but whenever possible we provide the asset to display and print in the ticketToken property.


In the ticket representation of the orderItem we do not deliver all properties. To get all detailed information use the ticket endpoint.
Please refer to the technical api definition you find under

Property Type Description
name string Readonly. Not translated
ParentTicketIdentifier string The identifier of a parent ticket which belong to each other and have been order together Child/Parent Ticket
additionalType string Readonly. describes the type of the ticket (NOVA)
ticketTokenId string (url) Readonly. The id which is present on the ticket (PDF)
ticketNumber string Readonly. Nova: this is the "Referenz-Nr." on the PDF
bookingNumber string Readonly. Nova: this is the "Bestell-Nr." on the PDF
identifier string (key) Readonly. {issuedBy.acronym}_{ticketNumber}
orderNumber string Readonly. Order the tiket belongs to (can be empty)
orderItemNumber string Readonly. Order item the tiket belongs to (can be empty)
ticketToken string (url) Readonly.
Reference to an asset (image or PDF) usable for entrance.
htmlToken string (url) Readonly. url to download a html-Fragement to present the ticket-data on a client
imgToken string (url) Readonly. url to download an img to present the ticket on a client
qrCodeToken string (url) Readonly. Reference to QR code image
QrCodeContent string Readonly. Content of the QR code (to import in wallets). In case of Binary it is Base64 encoded string
QrCodeContentIsBinary bool Readonly.
dateIssued DateTime Readonly. Not translated
issuedBy Partner Readonly. Reference object
priceCurrency string
totalPrice double
underName Traveler Reference object. The person or organization the reservation or ticket is for.
underNames Traveler[] The list of all persons ticket is for (replaces underName).
NumberOfTravelers int the number of travelers the ticket is good for. On not personalized tickets the underNames property is still.
validFrom DateTime
validUntil DateTime
reduction string Reduction applied to the price calculation
product Product Reference object representation of the product
priceCategory string The category of price, for example: child, youth, adult, senior
additionalProperty PropertyValue A property-value pair representing an additional characteristics of the entity for which there is no matching property in See public docs for the available additionalProperties

Included base profile partner object data

Property Type Description
partnerAcronym string Partner acronym

Included base profile object data

Property Type Description
profileId string Readonly. Identifier. Guid generated at the creation of the profile
@id string json-ld: full url to load the object
createdDateTime DateTime date and time when the object was created
lastModified DateTime date and time when the object was last updated
lastModifiedBy string the person/service which has last updated the object
authenticated users: username of Azure B2C
guests: profile id
createdBySubscription string the api subscription name of the creation (→ application)
lastModifiedBySubscription string the api subscription name on the latest update

Last update: January 27, 2023 14:37:03