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Order download

This is the description of the format used for the json download which contains all tickets. Explanations to the properties can be found on the page about the Order

Order (download)

Property Type Description
orderNumber string Readonly.
@id string Readonly. json-ld: full url to load the object (based on identifier)
partnerAcronym string Readonly. Partner acronym D365: ambcust_description / store
orderDate DateTime
customer CustomerDownload Current copy of the guest placing the order
orderStatus string Marketplace service Orderstates
priceCurrency string CHF
totalAmount double Total amount in the "priceCurrency" including tax and everything
totalAmountCHF double Total amount in CHF
mailBodyToken string Link to the confirmation mail body to show online
orderTokenName string the guid/token used to download the order with the order-download endpoint and create the html filename and mailBodyToken
language string two-letter-iso-language-code (de, fr, it, en). All text field related to the order are filled in this language.
createdDateTime DateTime date and time when the object was created
lastModified DateTime date and time when the object was last updated
lastModifiedBy string the person/service which has last updated the object
createdBySubscription string the api subscription name of the creation
lastModifiedBySubscription string the api subscription name on the latest update
ticket TicketDownload[] all successfully delivered tickets
errorTicket ErrorTicketDownload[] A ticket which couldn't be delivered

Last update: January 27, 2023 14:37:03