Travelers in a Party

Property Type Description
identifier string If the Identifier isn't provided the id is generated based on the LastName, FirstName and Birthdate. If an update is executed without the id and lastname, firstname or birthdate has a change then the id will be changed
salutation string see below
givenName string First name
familyName string Surname
birthDate string
nationality string ISO 3166 two-letter uppercase subculture code. In cases where a two-letter language code is not available, a three-letter code derived from ISO 639-2 is used
passport string Passport number
additionalProperty PropertyValue[] A property-value pair representing additional characteristics of the entity for which no matchin property exists in
reduction string reduction following the SBB definitions: bc100, bc25, bc50, ga-1st, ga-2nd, half-fare, junior-card, child-card, none, rail-plus, swiss-half-fare-card, swiss-travel-pass

The "Salutation" value is parsed and saved as the English abbrevations (header row) which we always return. This means you can send any value out of the table below (with or without . and in any caption), but we will return the values in the header.

values Mr Mrs Child Other
en Mr. / Mister Mrs. / Miss Child not null or empty
de Hr. / Herr Fr. / Frau Kind not null or empty
fr M. / Monsieur Mme./ Madame Enfant not null or empty
it Sig. / Signor / Senor / Signore sig.ra. / Signora Bambino not null or empty
es Sr. / Señor Sra. / Señora / Dona Niño not null or empty

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