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Order item


Property Type Description
orderItemNumber string { orderNumber }-{ counter inside order }
example: 19-100000-2
parentOrderItemNumber string identifier of parent order item Order item packages
orderDelivery string Type of deliver ("e-ticket")
OrderItemDelivery OrderItemDelivery Type of deliver ("e-ticket")
orderItemStatus string Marketplace service Order statuses
orderItemStatusText string Information about the status
errorCode int? Represent code of the error
orderQuantity int { orderNumber }-{ counter inside order }
example: 19-100000-2
orderedItem ProductConfiguration Information about the status
amount double Amount in the "priceCurrency" of the order
amountCHF double Amount in CHF (per quantity. total = quantity * amount) including tax
taxCHF double tax in CHF
ticket Ticket[] references to the parent tickets created for this order-item. Child tickets are not included in this list Child/Parent Ticket
offerBundleId string identifier of preselected offer bundle

Last update: January 27, 2023 14:37:03