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Business trail

It is a place to store all relevant events that happen related to a guest/profile - a kind of log.
Data can be written but not read through the api.


Property Type Description
profileId string (partitionKey) Readonly. Guid generated at the creation of the profile
timeStamp DateTime Readonly. The moment of writing the entry (set by the Profile Service)
date DateTime The date and time of the occurrence (can be set by client)
level string Info, Warning, Error
partnerAcronym string (nullable) Readonly. If the event happened in the context of a partner (set by the Profile Service)
origin string The name of the service or application it occurred
title string Title to easy read and display
description string (nullable) Any description about the event - human readable
objectname string (nullable) The name of the object
objectkey string (nullable) Key of the referred object
data string (nullable) Any data which wants to be added by the client for additional information
termCode string (nullable) Code of the accepted Term (s and conditions)
termVersionCode string (nullable) Code of the accepted TermVersion
termName string (nullable) Name of the accepted Term (s and conditions)

Last update: October 29, 2021 07:30:05