Creative work request

Property Type Description
sourceId string External identifier used by partners in their systems. It is required, should be provided in lower case and should consists from [a-z0-9-_]
contentReferenceTime dateTimeOffset (nullable)
copyrightYear int (nullable)
encodingFormat string
isAccessibleForFree bool (nullable)
thumbnailUrl string
inLanguage string
category string[]
tag string[]
containedInPlace string[] list of AdministrativeAreas
autoTranslate bool
dataGovernance DataGovernanceRequest
additionalType string
alternateName {string, string}[]
link LinkRequest[]
sameAs string
url string
image ImageObjectRequest
description {string, string}[]
disambiguatingDescription {string, string}[]
name {string, string}[] Required. Should contain at least one translation.

Last update: January 27, 2023 14:37:03