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Full model

Property Type Description
identifier string product-number
@id string json-ld: full url to load the object (based on identifier)
example: nova_zurichcard24
name string
dataGovernance DataGovernance source, copyright, terms/licences, etc.
autoTranslatedData boolean indicates if the data in the current language was automatically translated
service string the service identifier (refers to Partner)
lastModified DateTimeOffset Date and time of the last modification in the database
availableDataLanguage string[] the languages this data object is available in
photo Simplex.ImageObject[] Product photos
variant ProductVariant[] product variants which can be ordered
category Simplex.Category[] Related categories objects
tag Simplex.Tag[] Realted tags objects
campaignTag Simplex.Tag[] Realted campaign tags objects
profileTag Simplex.Tag[] Realted profile tags objects
travelerField FieldDefinition fields which must/should be added with values of the traveler
itemField FieldDefinition fields which must/should be added with values of the orderItem
license string Product license
removed bool indicates if entity is removed. 'true' if publish = false or doesn't exist in requested project
addOnItems ProductAddOn[]
addOnTraveler ProductAddOn[]
inLanguage string[] inLanguage can be several supported languages
meetingPoint GeoCoordinates[] List of meeting points
geo GeoCoordinates geo
geoShape GeoShape geo
inclusions string[] Array of items that are included in the activity
exclusions string[] Array of items that are excluded
importantInfo string[] Array of items that are important to know
detailedInformation string[] list of details or highlights
destination string Zielpunkt der Tour. Describes the destination of the tour
seller Simplex.LocalBusiness seller
audio Simplex.AudioObject
video Simplex.VideoObject
potentialAction Action[] Action
robots string based on the same values that used in the Robots Meta Tag as defined by Google

Last update: January 27, 2023 14:37:03