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Full model

Does not have any additional properties to place.

Included Place data

Property Type Description
identifier string
@id string json-ld: full url to load the object (based on identifier)
dataGovernance DataGovernance source, copyright, terms/licences, etc
address PostalAddress
category Category[]
additionalProperty PropertyValue[] A property-value pair representing additional characteristics of the entity for which no matchin property exists in
propertyID = "ouaId" -> original outdooractive id.
containedInPlace Simplex.Place[] Used for creating a region-tree and the relation of a place to a region (AdministrativeArea)
faxNumber string(1024)
geo GeoCoordinates
geoShape GeoShape
hasMap string(1024)
isAccessibleForFree bool
maximumAttendeeCapacity int
openingHoursSpecification openingHoursSpecification[]
photo Simplex.ImageObject[]
publicAccess bool
smokingAllowed bool
specialOpeningHoursSpecification OpeningHoursSpecification[]
telephone string(1024)
availableLanguage string[] list of 2-letter-iso-code (en, de, it, ...)
touristType string(1024) on TouristAttraction
cc string(1024) extension CMS ZH
located string[] extension CMS ZH [ "Indoors", "Outdoors" ]
osm_id string openstreetmap Url Openstreetmap node id
aggregateRating AggregateRating
copyright string(1024) Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual
detailedInformation string[] Extension CMS ZH [ "Centrally located", "Good for breakfast", "Industrial flair" ]. Multilingual Can contain HTML
titleTeaser string(1024) Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual
textTeaser string Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual Can contain HTML
zurichcard string Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual Can contain HTML
zurichcardDescription string(max) Extension CMS ZH. Multilingual
publicTransport string(1024) Describes how public transport may be used to get to the starting point or get back home from the tour's destination. Multilingual Can contain HTML
gettingThere string(1024) How to get to the starting point, especially by car. Multilingual Can contain HTML
parking string(1024) Information about parking at the starting point. Multilingual Can contain HTML
directions string(1024) Describes important signs, crossings and other information to find your way. Multilingual Can contain HTML
fees string(1024) Fees and Pricing. Multilingual Can contain HTML
autoTranslatedData boolean indicates if the data in the current language was automatically translated
removed bool indicates if entity is removed. 'true' if publish = false or doesn't exist in requested project
openingHours string Multilingual Can contain HTML
audio Simplex.AudioObject
video Simplex.VideoObject

Included Thing data

Property Type Description
additionalType string Name of the "real", more descriptive class which has no additional properties. examples are,,
alternateName string
image ImageObject
tag Tag[]
link Link[] Web-links and general links between things
sameAs string
url string URL of the item
description string Multilingual. It is automatically translated if the description is not provided in all languages. Translated text is trimmed to 9000 symbols. Can contain HTML
disambiguatingDescription string Multilingual Can contain HTML
name string Multilingual Can contain HTML

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