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Property Type Description
id string product variant identifier
name string multilingual
sku string SKU
The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), i.e. a merchant-specific identifier for a product or service, or the product to which the offer refers.
Order number at the supplier
position int position of the variant in the list
option Option options which make up the variants of the product
inventoryQuantity int? if null there is no inventory or it doesn't matter
API: = inventoryQuantity - reserveQuantity (always >= 0)
priceList PriceList[] list of product prices by age
taxRate double tax rate (0.077 = 7.7%)
image Simplex.ImageObject Image of product variant
created DateTime Date and time of the creation in the provider's database
lastModified DateTime Date and time of the last modification in the provider's database
additionalProperty PropertyValue[]
A property-value pair representing an additional characteristic of the entity in which there is no matching property in
schedule Schedule[]
openingHoursSpecification OpeningHoursSpecification[]
duration string in ISO 8601 duration formatDuration
advanceBookingRequirement int The amount of Minutes that are required between the booking and the actual usage of the resource or service. advanceBookingRequirement
itemField FieldDefinition[] fields which must/should be added with values of the orderItem
travelerField FieldDefinition[] fields which must/should be added with values of the traveler
availableDeliveryMode string[] available delivery mode see Delivery modes and shipping
remark: if there are several, this information is in the itemFields as well and with them offered to the guest for selection.

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