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Property Type Description
priceCategoryId string Ticket Category id
priceCategoryName string Ticket Category name
priceCHF double price in CHF
compareAtPriceCHF double(nullable) price to compare with ("regular price", "instead-of", "statt") in CHF
minAllowedAge int(nullable) price valid from this age
maxAllowedAge int(nullable) price valid until this age (first day of valid period counts)
type string ("fixed" or "variable") If fixed total amount for booked guests will be price of this ticket category. If variable - price will be multiplied by guests count, e.g. if ticket category Adult has fixed price 100 CHF and 5 guests were booked total price will be still 100 CHF. If it had variable price type total price would be 500 CHF
minSeats int(nullable) Minimum seats required to book this ticket category
maxSeats int(nullable) Maximum seats allowed to book this ticket category.
If it is a single seat ticket with one ticket code it should be 1.
If it is more than 1 e.g. 5 we assume that no matter how many spots were booked 2 or 5 this ticket will have only 1 ticket code (QR Code, Barcode, etc) which means it is a GROUP ticket

Last update: January 27, 2023 14:37:03