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General way to link other Things or web pages to a thing.

Property Type Description
isRecommendation bool
type DiscoverSwiss.LinkType enumeration • Web
• WebHomepage
• WebBooking
• DownloadGpx
• DownloadKml
• GintoWeb
• GintoResource
• DownloadPdf
• WebMovie
• Place (link to a Place)
• CreativeWork (link to a CreativeWork)
• Event (link to a Event)
• Product (link to a Product)
• StageTourOf (link to the parent Tour)
• StageTour (link to a child Tour)
url string(2083) web-link (address), can be empty if link is between to things because then the api can generate it
title string Link text
inLanguage string Two letter ISO code of link language
target (deprecated) string identifier of the target object
orderingNumber string used to represent order of tour stages

Last update: November 18, 2022 08:05:20