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Marketplace notifications

A Partner could receive notifications for new orders and order changes happening in so that a partner could update other systems as for example his own CRM.


Currently only notifications for orders are created.

The message body includes the order object (orderDownload).

Message lock duration is set to 30 seconds and the max delivery count is 10. This means if the message will not be released or deleted within 30 seconds it will be released again. If the message was locked 10 times then it will be deleted. If the message is not processed within 14 days it will be deleted too.

The following properties were delivered with the message:

Property Type Description
identifier string object identifier
entityName string type of the entity as described in the docs Order, OrderDownload, Person, …
eventTrigger string update, delete,fulfilled, canceled, fulfillmentError, partiallyCanceled
partner string partners which are affected

Last update: October 29, 2021 07:30:05